LBSS 05: Your Nationality in Sinhala [AUDIO TUTORIAL]

learn sinhala podcast - session 5

In this Audio Tutorial you’ll learn to speak about your nationality in Sinhala.

You’ll need to listen to the previous Audio Tutorials in order to understand this one better.

In this 5th session of the Lazy But Smart Sinhala Podcast you’ll learn:

  • How to ask someone which country they’re from
  • 2 ways to tell someone which country you’re from
  • A simple technique to convert a statement into a question

And we’ll wrap it up by going through a sample dialogue as well as some questions & answers on the stuff we learned.


(Click on the video below to watch the Video Tutorial version of this post):

Sinhala Video Tutorial - Ep-03


Right-click to download a list of Sinhala Country Names.


Key Sinhala Words and Phrases Used In This Session

Section 1: Ask Someone Which Country He Or She Is From


ra∙tȧ “country”


o∙yaa∙gé   ra∙tȧ   mo∙kak∙dhȧ? “What (is) your country?”
é∙yaa∙gé   ra∙tȧ   mo∙kak∙dhȧ? “What (is) his/her country?”
ma∙gé   ra∙tȧ   mo∙kak∙dhȧ? “What (is) my country?”


Section 2: Tell Someone Which Country You’re From – Method 1


shree  lan∙kaa∙vȧ “Sri Lanka”
én∙gȧ∙lan∙thȧ∙yȧ “England”
æ∙mȧ∙ri∙kaa∙vȧ “America”
os∙trḗ∙li∙yaa∙vȧ “Australia”
ja∙paa∙nȧ∙yȧ “Japan”
chee∙nȧ∙yȧ “China”


ma∙gé   ra∙tȧ   shree  lan∙kaa∙vȧ “My country (is) Sri Lanka”
o∙yaa∙gé   ra∙tȧ   shree  lan∙kaa∙vȧ “Your country (is) Sri Lanka”
é∙yaa∙gé   ra∙tȧ   shree  lan∙kaa∙vȧ “His/her country (is) Sri Lanka”
‘Ricky’∙gé   ra∙tȧ   shree  lan∙kaa∙vȧ “Ricky’s country (is) Sri Lanka”
ma∙gé   ra∙tȧ   én∙gȧ∙lan∙thȧ∙yȧ “My country is England”


Section 3: Tell Someone Which Country You’re From – Method 2


Indicator “én” “from”
shree  lan∙kaa∙vén “from Sri Lanka”
én∙gȧ∙lan∙thȧ∙yén “from England”
æ∙mȧ∙ri∙kaa∙vén “from America”
os∙trḗ∙li∙yaa∙vén “from Australia”
ja∙paa∙nȧ∙yén “from Japan”
chee∙nȧ∙yén “from China”


ma∙mȧ   shree  lan∙kaa∙vén “I (am) from Sri Lanka”
o∙yaa   shree  lan∙kaa∙vén “You (are) from Sri Lanka”
é∙yaa   shree  lan∙kaa∙vén “He/she is from Sri Lanka”
‘Ricky’   shree  lan∙kaa∙vén “Ricky (is) from Sri Lanka”


Section 4: Convert a Statement Into a Question


o∙yaa∙gé   ra∙tȧ   shree  lan∙kaa∙vȧ∙dhȧ? “(Is) your country Sri Lanka?”
o∙yaa∙gé   ra∙tȧ   én∙gȧ∙lan∙thȧ∙yȧ∙dhȧ? “(Is) your country England?”


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11 Responses to LBSS 05: Your Nationality in Sinhala [AUDIO TUTORIAL]

  1. jis August 15, 2013 at 09:53 #

    I haven’t find session 5 on podcast. Can you please check it out. sthoothi

  2. Jule Steiner August 17, 2013 at 19:52 #

    Hey Dilshan,
    had now time to get into session 5. Cool again! And you integrated the exercise-idea at the end :-)
    Thx for that – Hehe makes so much fun!

    • Dilshan Jayasinha August 17, 2013 at 20:16 #

      Thanks Julie, glad you liked it.

      To be honest, I’m happy to hear the word “fun” in your comment because after releasing this session, I listened to it again and was thinking to myself “Ugh… this one is boring. Should’ve made it more fun, Dilshan”… So, your feedback managed to reassure my ‘sometimes-overly-critical’ self… haha.

      Take care and talk to you soon!

  3. sonali herath October 25, 2013 at 17:44 #

    This is awesome! keep up the good work :)

  4. Indre February 16, 2014 at 10:03 #

    Thanks so much for these podcasts Dilshan! I think I’ve learned more Sinhala in couple of days while reading your blog than during my 1 1/2 years in Colombo :D

    I’ve got a question though :) How do you say “Lithuania” or “East Europe” in Sinhala?

    • Dilshan Jayasinha February 17, 2014 at 18:54 #

      Hi Indre, you’re very welcome. That’s nice to hear that you’ve learned quite a bit from the podcasts.

      To answer your questions…

      “Lithuania” = li∙thu∙wḗ∙ni∙yaa∙vȧ

      “East Europe” = næ∙gé∙nȧ∙hi∙rȧ yu∙rō∙pȧ∙yȧ

      As you’ve guessed ‘yu∙rō∙pȧ∙yȧ’ = “Europe” and ‘næ∙gé∙nȧ∙hi∙rȧ’ = “east” . But here’s some trivia for you about the Sinhala word for “east”.

      ‘næ∙gé∙nȧ’ = “rising/climbing” and ‘hi∙rȧ’ = one of the many words for “sun”, and since the sun rises from the east… well, I think you get it.

      Take care and hope to hear from you again.

      • Indre February 18, 2014 at 13:38 #

        Thanks, this is very helpful!

  5. Gillian May 1, 2016 at 13:57 #

    Brilliant lessons, thank you! Could you tell me how to say “Scotland”?

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