Ma∙mȧ vs Ma∙tȧ – Part 3: With Action Verbs That Use “To”


Ding ding ding!

That’s the sound of Round 3 starting.

If you haven’t seen my 2-page summary of Part 1 & Part 2, then click here. Consider it a little memory refresher I made for you.

And if you have already read it then… get into the ring, my friend. You got this.


Structure of This 3rd Post



Let’s begin.



Step 1: Finding an Example of an Action Verb That Uses “To”

I have chosen the following verb:




Step 2: Sample Phrases With This Verb

I am sending it to you
You are sending it to me



Step 3: Learning the Sinhala Word for the Verb “Sending”




Step 4: Remembering Something from Part 2

Remember this, friend-o?

The simple rule from Part 2:

With the verb ‘dhé∙nȧ∙va’ (“giving”)…

  • we use ‘ma∙mȧ’ if you’re the one doing the action

  • we use ‘ma∙tȧ’ if someone is doing the action to you



I am givingma∙mȧ   dhé∙nȧ∙va      

(We use ‘ma∙mȧ’ since you’re the one doing the action).


You are giving (to) meo∙yaa   ma∙tȧ   dhé∙nȧ∙va      

(We use ‘ma∙tȧ’ since someone is doing the action to you).



Step 5: Translating The Sample Phrases

Similarly, with the verb ‘é∙vȧ∙nȧ∙va’ (“sending”)

I am sending it to youma∙mȧ   o∙yaa∙tȧ   ḗ∙kȧ   é∙vȧ∙nȧ∙va      

(We use ‘ma∙tȧ’ since someone is doing the action to you).


You are sending it to meo∙yaa   ma∙tȧ   ḗ∙kȧ   é∙vȧ∙nȧ∙va      

(We use ‘ma∙tȧ’ since someone is doing the action to you).


This rule is true for most other action verbs like “sending” that use “to”.

Relax, you’ll see 9 more examples in a bit.

First let’s summarize what we’ve seen so far.


Intermediary Recap

sendingI am sending it to youma∙mȧ   o∙yaa∙tȧ   ḗ∙kȧ   é∙vȧ∙nȧ∙va      
You are sending it to meo∙yaa   ma∙tȧ   ḗ∙kȧ   é∙vȧ∙nȧ∙va      







Step 6: Nine More Action Verbs That Use “To”




Step 7: Translating The 9 Sample Phrases

bringingI am bringing the ball to youma∙mȧ   o∙yaa∙tȧ   bō∙lȧ∙yȧ   gḗ∙nȧ∙va      
You are bringing the ball to meo∙yaa   ma∙tȧ   bō∙lȧ∙yȧ   gḗ∙nȧ∙va      
doingI am doing that to youma∙mȧ   o∙yaa∙tȧ   ḗ∙kȧ   kȧ∙rȧ∙nȧ∙va      
You are doing that to meo∙yaa   ma∙tȧ   ḗ∙kȧ   kȧ∙rȧ∙nȧ∙va      
readingI am reading the book to youma∙mȧ   o∙yaa∙tȧ   po∙thȧ   ki∙yȧ∙vȧ∙nȧ∙va      
You are reading the book to meo∙yaa   ma∙tȧ   po∙thȧ   ki∙yȧ∙vȧ∙nȧ∙va      
sayingI am saying the truth to youma∙mȧ   o∙yaa∙tȧ   æth∙thȧ   ki∙yȧ∙nȧ∙va      
You are saying the truth  to meo∙yaa   ma∙tȧ   æth∙thȧ   ki∙yȧ∙nȧ∙va      
sellingI am selling the phone to youma∙mȧ   o∙yaa∙tȧ   “phone” é∙kȧ   vi∙ku∙nȧ∙nȧ∙va      
You are selling the phone to meo∙yaa   ma∙tȧ   “phone” é∙kȧ   vi∙ku∙nȧ∙nȧ∙va      
servingI am serving food to youma∙mȧ   o∙yaa∙tȧ   kǣ∙mȧ   bé∙dhȧ∙nȧ∙va      
You are serving food to meo∙yaa   ma∙tȧ   kǣ∙mȧ   bé∙dhȧ∙nȧ∙va      
showingI am showing photos to youma∙mȧ   o∙yaa∙tȧ   pin∙thoo∙ru   pén∙nȧ∙nȧ∙va      
You are showing photos to meo∙yaa   ma∙tȧ   pin∙thoo∙ru   pén∙nȧ∙nȧ∙va      
teachingI am teaching Sinhala to youma∙mȧ   o∙yaa∙tȧ   sing∙hȧ∙lȧ   u∙gan∙vȧ∙nȧ∙va      
You are teaching Sinhala to meo∙yaa   ma∙tȧ   sing∙hȧ∙lȧ   u∙gan∙vȧ∙nȧ∙va      
writingI am writing emails to youma∙mȧ   o∙yaa∙tȧ   “email”   li∙yȧ∙nȧ∙va      
You are writing emails to meo∙yaa   ma∙tȧ   “email”   li∙yȧ∙nȧ∙va      





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  1. Jocelyn November 22, 2017 at 21:11 #

    It was great to hear from you again. Love your style!

  2. Sergii November 22, 2017 at 22:58 #

    Thank You, Dilshan, for interesting lesson.

    Mama oyata bohoma isthoothy evanava :)

    • Dilshan Jayasinha November 23, 2017 at 14:26 #

      Thanks buddy, long time since I heard from you. Hope you’ve been well.

  3. Anushya November 23, 2017 at 00:49 #

    Thanks Dilshan. Learning a new language helps reduce Alzheimer’s .

    • Dilshan Jayasinha November 23, 2017 at 14:27 #

      In that case, do you think I could start calling myself DOCTOR Dilshan from Lazy But Smart Languages? :)

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    Suthudl! Dilshan!
    Mame oyata ‘suthudi’ denava

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    Have missed your posts Dilshan, hope all is well with you and yours.
    Love these new posts, great information.

    Love your style, very enjoyable and fun.

  6. Julie S December 11, 2017 at 03:19 #

    Hi Dilshan,
    i was long away from your blog – remember me?
    But I am impressed how it improved over the last (?) year since I was away.
    And how great that you explain the mata – mama issue in three parts.
    It was the first question I had to you long ago.
    Thanks so much for that I am really happy about it.
    Very best regards form Julie!

    • Dilshan Jayasinha December 11, 2017 at 08:49 #

      No, who are you?.. Of course I remember you! Been a long time! I notice you’re using a different email address now. In my mind I used to remember you as S93 :)

      Thanks for the kind words, it means a lot coming from one of my first “Super-Fans”.

      • Julie December 12, 2017 at 02:31 #

        ;-) yeah, I am the S93… actually I’ve changed my password into a new complicated one before I went to a longer vacation… the rest is easy to figure out ;-).

        So what is about your new books Dilshan? Your “Super-Fan” needs to get updated.

  7. Sally January 27, 2019 at 22:39 #

    I’ve been invited to a wedding in Sri Lanka. I’m so excited. Using your course to try to pick up some of the language before I head over there in June. I live next door to the bride to be so she’s helping me too. If everyone is a nice as she is I’m sure I’ll love Sri Lanka. Plus she laughs a lot. Do all Sri Lancans laugh a lot?

    • Dilshan Jayasinha January 30, 2019 at 10:51 #

      “Do all Sri Lankans laugh a lot?”…

      Well, the Sri Lankans who hang out with me do :)

      Thanks for the comment. I love hearing your excitement. I hope you have a great time at the wedding. Tell me all about it.

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