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Sundari S. - Portland, Oregon, USA

"I really didn’t want the course to end!"

"I loved this course! Each lesson was cleverly presented as concise, accessible, and “doable” units and I’ve managed to retain these lessons far better than any other Sinhala lessons I’ve seen. The format made sense to my brain and it seemed a lot easier to absorb the new material without making it overwhelming. Thanks to the audio at the top of each lesson, I was able to incorporate the right pronunciation in my head while I was reading, allowing me to learn auditorily and visually at the same time. Already from lesson 1 I felt like I was finally starting to learn Sinhala."


Wayne F. - Melbourne, Australia

"This is all great--especially the tips!"

"The course focuses on simple grammatical structure that is useful (and practical) without formal Sinhala getting in the way of regular conversation."


Jonathan S, London, UK

"This course was pretty near perfect in my view ;)"

"One lesson per email, not too much new information or words to learn at once, Dilshan's friendly approach, plus of course the personalized emails made this course stand out. The use of colour, graphics, tables etc. all helped to make it less text-heavy and more reader-friendly."


Kirralee P. - Brisbane, Australia

"This course helped me feel connected to my SL family"

"Learning Sinhala in Australia has been challenging for me as it's difficult to meet a Sri Lankan person to practice with. However, this course helped me feel connected to my Sri Lanka family even though they are so far away. It was fantastic to not only have examples of useful words but also have the recording of them in each lesson which helped me learn the correct pronunciation. I also loved the easy way Dilshan explained how these words can can be connected to create complete sentences. This course is amazing."


Anna P. - London, UK

"Bite size chunks and lots of helpful reminders"

"This course is made up of bite size chunks and lots of helpful reminders of the key points covered (without it being obvious) which made it tremendously easier to learn and allow all new concepts to sink in. The grammar explanations are clear and make sense too. Moreover, the 1-lesson-per-email format stopped me trying to do too much at one time which in turn resulted me in internalising everything before moving onto the next lesson."


Elisabeth A. - New South Wales, Australia

"An excellent refresher course!"

"I loved the structure of the lessons and how well they were set out and I enjoyed Dilshan's nice sense of humour. As someone who has already studied Sinhala for a few years and bought all of Dilshan's premium packages, this was an excellent refresher course for me."


Dennis H. - Darwin, Australia

"Dilshan has once again excelled in making something difficult into something very easy."

"Like with his paid material which I own, the approach taken in this free course is also excellent, simple to understand, and professional. Breaking the information into digestible chunks has been additionally helpful for my ageing brain to retain what was learned!"