LBSS 07: Your Age in Sinhala – Part (2/2) [AUDIO TUTORIAL]

age in sinhala

This is Part 2 of the Audio Tutorial “Your Age in Sinhala”.

I recommend… no, actually, I’m telling you to go listen to Part 1 so that you don’t get lost in the middle of it.

In Part 2 we’ll look at:

  • How to ask someone their age in Sinhala
  • How to tell someone your age in Sinhala

And we’ll revise what we covered in both parts by going through a sample dialogue and some questions & answers.


(Click on the video below to watch the Video Tutorial version of this post):

Sinhala Video Tutorial - Ep-04


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One more thing, here’s that Learn Sinhala Resources page I mentioned on the podcast.

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Key Sinhala Words and Phrases Used In This Session

Section 3: Ask Someone Their Age


va∙yȧ∙sȧ “age”
kee∙yȧ∙dhȧ? “How much?”


o∙yaa∙gé   va∙yȧ∙sȧ   kee∙yȧ∙dhȧ? “What (is) your age?”
é∙yaa∙gé   va∙yȧ∙sȧ   kee∙yȧ∙dhȧ? “What (is) his/her age?”
ma∙gé   va∙yȧ∙sȧ   kee∙yȧ∙dhȧ? “What (is) my age?”
o∙yaa∙la∙gé   va∙yȧ∙sȧ   kee∙yȧ∙dhȧ? “What (is) your(pl) age?”
o∙bȧ∙gé   va∙yȧ∙sȧ   kee∙yȧ∙dhȧ? “What (is) your(fml) age?”
o∙bȧ∙la∙gé   va∙yȧ∙sȧ   kee∙yȧ∙dhȧ? “What (is) your(fml;pl) age?”
a∙pḗ   va∙yȧ∙sȧ   kee∙yȧ∙dhȧ? “What (is) our age?”
‘Ricky’∙gé   va∙yȧ∙sȧ   kee∙yȧ∙dhȧ? “What (is) Ricky’s age?”


Section 4: Tell Someone Your Age


ma∙gé   va∙yȧ∙sȧ   thi∙hayi “My age (is) thirty”
o∙yaa∙gé   va∙yȧ∙sȧ   thi∙hayi “Your age (is) thirty”
o∙yaa∙la∙gé   va∙yȧ∙sȧ   thi∙hayi “Your(pl) age (is) thirty”
o∙bȧ∙gé   va∙yȧ∙sȧ   thi∙hayi “Your(fml) age (is) thirty”
o∙bȧ∙la∙gé   va∙yȧ∙sȧ   thi∙hayi “Your(fml;pl) age (is) thirty”
a∙pḗ   va∙yȧ∙sȧ   thi∙hayi “Our age (is) thirty”
ma∙gé   va∙yȧ∙sȧ   vis∙sayi “My age (is) twenty”


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    The podcast in 7th section is same as that of 5th

    • Dilshan Jayasinha September 18, 2013 at 11:06 #

      You’re absolutely right! Yes, the streaming audio at the top of the page was the correct one but the downloadable mp3 version was indeed of Session 5. Thanks for pointing it out. I’ve fixed it now.

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