81 Sinhala Words To Know On A Sri Lankan Beach – Part 1

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To learn how to show off your Sinhala to locals when you’re on a Sri Lankan beach >>>


Structure Of This Post

Sinhala Words Sri Lankan Beach




1. Sinhala Word For “Beach (1)

beach “beach”   é∙kȧ1       

1 Proper Sinhala word for “beach” = ‘væl∙lȧ’


2. “Sea” & Related Words (3)

sea mu∙hu∙dhȧ       
wave ræl∙lȧ       
waves ræ∙li       


3. Geography Related (4)

coast vé∙rȧ∙lȧ∙bȧ∙dȧ   prȧ∙dhḗ∙shȧ∙yȧ2       
island dhoo∙pȧ∙thȧ       
lagoon ka∙lȧ∙pu∙wȧ       
reef “reef”   é∙kȧ3       

2 For “coast” you could also just say   ‘mu∙hu∙dhu   pæth∙thȧ’

3 Proper Sinhala word for reef = ‘pa∙rȧ∙yȧ’


4. “Natural” Things On The Beach (5)

coconut trees pol   gas       
coral hi∙ri∙gal4       
sand væ∙li       
shell sip∙pi   ka∙tu∙wȧ       
shells sip∙pi   ka∙tu       

4 For “coral” you could also just say ‘coral’


5. Swimwear & Swimming Gear (7)

bikini “bikini”   é∙kȧ       
diving mask “diving mask”   é∙kȧ5       
flippers fins       
goggles “goggles”       
snorkel “snorkel”   é∙kȧ       
swimming trunks “swimming trunk” é∙kȧ       
swimsuit “swimsuit”   é∙kȧ       

5 Another word for “diving mask” =   ki∙mi∙dhum   “mask”   é∙kȧ



6. Beach Clothes & Accessories (10)

bag “bag”   é∙kȧ6       
beach umbrella “beach umbrella”   é∙kȧ       
flip flops sé∙rép∙pu       
hat thop∙pi∙yȧ       
shorts ko∙tȧ   ka∙li∙sȧ∙mȧ       
sunbed “sunbed”   é∙kȧ       
sunglasses “sunglasses”       
sunscreen / sun cream “sun cream”       
t-shirt “t-shirt”   é∙kȧ       
towel thu∙waa∙yȧ       

6 Another word for “bag” = ‘mal∙lȧ’


7. Beach Activities (11)

building a sand castle væ∙li   maa∙li∙gaa∙vak   ha∙dhȧ∙nȧ∙va7       
diving mu∙hu∙dhé   ki∙mi∙dhé∙nȧ∙va       
getting a massage “massage”   é∙kak   gan∙nȧ∙va8       
flying a kite sa∙run∙gȧ∙lȧ∙yak   a∙ri∙nȧ∙va       
lying down haan∙si   vé∙nȧ∙va       
playing sél∙lam   kȧ∙rȧ∙nȧ∙va       
sleeping ni∙dhaa   gan∙nȧ∙va       
bathing mu∙hu∙dhé   naa∙nȧ∙va9       
snorkeling “snorkeling”   kȧ∙rȧ∙nȧ∙va       
swimming pee∙nȧ∙nȧ∙va       
sunbathing auw∙wȧ   tha∙pi∙nȧ∙va       

7 ‘ha∙dhȧ∙nȧ∙va’ = “building/making”;   ‘væ∙li’ = “sand”;   ‘maa∙li∙gaa∙vak’ = “a castle”

8 Proper Sinhala word for “massage” = ‘sam∙baa∙hȧ∙nȧ∙yȧ’

9 ‘naa∙nȧ∙va’ = “bathing”;   ‘mu∙hu∙dhé’ = “in the sea”


Well that’s it folks…

Stay tunes for Part 2 that’s coming next week.

In the meantime, ask me a question. Anything.

(Bonus points if it’s related to this post. Negative points if it’s about my big fat ego)


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3 Responses to 81 Sinhala Words To Know On A Sri Lankan Beach – Part 1

  1. Clarissa Fraser August 14, 2016 at 23:04 #

    What about… “let me bury you in the sand.” Or “bury me in the sand” it seemse to be a popular activity with those I frequent beaches in Sri Lanka with?

    And would flip flops be the same as slippers? I say flip flops and no one knows what I am talking about. Or is there another Sinhala word for slippers?

    Great post and relevant! Thanks as always!

    • Dilshan Jayasinha August 20, 2016 at 20:06 #

      Sorry Clarissa, don’t know how I missed your question until now.

      Yes, by “flip flops” I mean slippers.

      Regarding the phrases you asked, I’ll need to ask around because what comes to my mind now makes it sound morbid like you want to be buried at the beach, which is not what you asked for. Will get back to you with a more playful version.

      Sorry again about the delay.

  2. Belinda Lewin September 3, 2020 at 19:46 #

    Hi Dilshan,
    What was the answer to Clarissa’s question? I mean, “let me bury you in the sand? “or “bury me in the sand” ?
    Thank you and thanks for all your lessons and comments. Its much more fun this way!!!
    Im finding the Sinhala numbers really hard to learn, especially get stuck with 4,6,7 and 8, and all the multiples of 10 of these numbers.
    The rest i’m getting on ok with.

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