Lazy But Smart 5-Min Summary – Episode 5


Lazy But Smart 5-Min Summary – Episode 5


Key Words and Phrases Summarized – Coz I hate wasting time. Especially yours.


Part 1 – Key Words:

væ∙dȧwork (noun)
væ∙dȧ   kȧ∙rȧ∙nȧ∙vaworking
paa∙damstudies/lessons (noun)
paa∙dam   kȧ∙rȧ∙nȧ∙vastudying
ka∙thaa   kȧ∙rȧ∙nȧ∙vaspeaking



Part 2 – Key Phrases:

ma∙mȧ   kȧ∙rȧ∙nȧ∙vaI (am) doing
o∙yaa   kȧ∙rȧ∙nȧ∙vaYou (are) doing
é∙yaa   kȧ∙rȧ∙nȧ∙vaHe/she (is) doing
‘Ricky’   kȧ∙rȧ∙nȧ∙vaRicky (is) doing
o∙bȧ   kȧ∙rȧ∙nȧ∙vaYou(fml) (are) doing
o∙yaa∙la   kȧ∙rȧ∙nȧ∙vaYou(pl) (are) doing
é∙yaa∙la   kȧ∙rȧ∙nȧ∙vaThey (are) doing
a∙pi   kȧ∙rȧ∙nȧ∙vaWe (are) doing
o∙bȧ∙la   kȧ∙rȧ∙nȧ∙vaYou(fml;pl) (are) doing
ma∙mȧ   ka∙thaa   kȧ∙rȧ∙nȧ∙vaI (am) speaking
o∙yaa   ka∙thaa   kȧ∙rȧ∙nȧ∙vaYou (are) speaking
é∙yaa   ka∙thaa   kȧ∙rȧ∙nȧ∙vaHe/she (is) speaking
‘Ricky’   ka∙thaa   kȧ∙rȧ∙nȧ∙vaRicky (is) speaking
o∙bȧ   ka∙thaa   kȧ∙rȧ∙nȧ∙vaYou(fml) (are) speaking
o∙yaa∙la   ka∙thaa   kȧ∙rȧ∙nȧ∙vaYou(pl) (are) speaking
é∙yaa∙la   ka∙thaa   kȧ∙rȧ∙nȧ∙vaThey (are) speaking
a∙pi   ka∙thaa   kȧ∙rȧ∙nȧ∙vaWe (are) speaking
o∙bȧ∙la   ka∙thaa   kȧ∙rȧ∙nȧ∙vaYou(fml;pl) (are) speaking
ma∙mȧ   in∙gree∙si   ka∙thaa   kȧ∙rȧ∙nȧ∙vaI (am) speaking English / I speak English
o∙yaa   in∙gree∙si   ka∙thaa   kȧ∙rȧ∙nȧ∙vaYou (are) speaking English / You speak English”
é∙yaa   in∙gree∙si   ka∙thaa   kȧ∙rȧ∙nȧ∙vaHe/she (is) speaking English / He/she speaks English
‘Ricky’   in∙gree∙si   ka∙thaa   kȧ∙rȧ∙nȧ∙vaRicky (is) speaking English / Ricky speaks English
o∙yaa   in∙gree∙si   ka∙thaa   kȧ∙rȧ∙nȧ∙va∙dhȧ?Do you speak English?
é∙yaa   in∙gree∙si   ka∙thaa   kȧ∙rȧ∙nȧ∙va∙dhȧ?Does he/she speak English?
‘Ricky’   in∙gree∙si   ka∙thaa   kȧ∙rȧ∙nȧ∙va∙dhȧ?Does Ricky speak English?
o∙yaa   sin∙hȧ∙lȧ   ka∙thaa   kȧ∙rȧ∙nȧ∙va∙dhȧ?Do you speak Sinhala?


Random roadside vendor of “gola” (crushed ice lollies) in Mumbai


Part 3 – Key Takeaways:

  • When we replaced ma∙mȧ  with other personal pronouns the verb was never modified. Examples:
    • ma∙mȧ   kȧ∙rȧ∙nȧ∙va   =   I (am) doing
    • o∙yaa   kȧ∙rȧ∙nȧ∙va   =   You (are) doing
    • é∙yaa   kȧ∙rȧ∙nȧ∙va   =   He/She (is) doing
  • In the Sinhala language the word  kȧ∙rȧ∙nȧ∙va  is used in several compound words. Examples:
    • ka∙thaa   kȧ∙rȧ∙nȧ∙va   =   speaking
    • væ∙dȧ   kȧ∙rȧ∙nȧ∙va   =   working
    • paa∙dam   kȧ∙rȧ∙nȧ∙va   =   studying


And that’s it!

Once again, big thanks to our fellow Tribester for agreeing to share her notes with us. It’s outstanding folks like you that make Lazy But Smart Sinhala the best damn Sinhala learning website out there.

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