Lazy But Smart 5-Min Summary – Episode 3

Lazy But Smart Sinhala 5 Min Summary - Ep003


Lazy But Smart 5-Min Summary – Episode 3


Key Words and Phrases Summarized For Whose Convenience?

Your convenience :-)


Part 1 – Key Words:

shree  lan∙kaa∙vȧ“Sri Lanka”
Indicator “én”“from”
shree  lan∙kaa∙vén“from Sri Lanka”
én∙gȧ∙lan∙thȧ∙yén“from England”
æ∙mȧ∙ri∙kaa∙vén“from America”
os∙trḗ∙li∙yaa∙vén“from Australia”
ja∙paa∙nȧ∙yén“from Japan”
chee∙nȧ∙yén“from China”


Part 2 – Key Phrases:

o∙yaa∙gé   ra∙tȧ   mo∙kak∙dhȧ?“What (is) your country?”
é∙yaa∙gé   ra∙tȧ   mo∙kak∙dhȧ?“What (is) his/her country?”
ma∙gé   ra∙tȧ   mo∙kak∙dhȧ?“What (is) my country?”
ma∙gé   ra∙tȧ   shree  lan∙kaa∙vȧ“My country (is) Sri Lanka”
o∙yaa∙gé   ra∙tȧ   shree  lan∙kaa∙vȧ“Your country (is) Sri Lanka”
é∙yaa∙gé   ra∙tȧ   shree  lan∙kaa∙vȧ“His/her country (is) Sri Lanka”
‘Ricky’∙gé   ra∙tȧ   shree  lan∙kaa∙vȧ“Ricky’s country (is) Sri Lanka”
ma∙gé   ra∙tȧ   én∙gȧ∙lan∙thȧ∙yȧ“My country is England”
ma∙mȧ   shree  lan∙kaa∙vén“I (am) from Sri Lanka”
o∙yaa   shree  lan∙kaa∙vén“You (are) from Sri Lanka”
é∙yaa   shree  lan∙kaa∙vén“He/she is from Sri Lanka”
‘Ricky’   shree  lan∙kaa∙vén“Ricky (is) from Sri Lanka”
o∙yaa∙gé   ra∙tȧ   shree  lan∙kaa∙vȧ∙dhȧ?“(Is) your country Sri Lanka?”
o∙yaa∙gé   ra∙tȧ   én∙gȧ∙lan∙thȧ∙yȧ∙dhȧ?“(Is) your country England?”



A random pic I posted on Twitter that I took in Galle Face, Colombo. I love it!


Part 3 – Key Takeaways:

  • In spoken Sinhala, we don’t often use a stand-alone word for the word “from”. Instead we add the indicator “én” to the original word to signify “from”
  • In Sinhala, most country names end with  “vȧ” or  “yȧ”. So the vowel that you’ll be cutting out is often the closed ‘ȧ’ at the end
  • The simple trick to convert a statement into a question is add  “dhȧ?” to the end of the statement


Now wasn’t that a convenient little recap? :)

Want to go even further?

(But… only if you’re one of those annoying “OVER-ACHIEVERS”) :-)

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