Fed up that you’re still not able to speak Sinhala as well as you thought you would?

What if you were given a proven system that would help you finally get “unstuck”, understand what others are saying in Sinhala, and teach you to confidently speak it with the people you’ve always wanted to impress and connect with?

  • learn Sinhala according to your own time schedule (with as little as 13 minutes a day)
  • master the pronunciation of the most frequently used words in Sinhala
  • start with the easiest phrases and gradually build on what you know in the correct sequence
  • study it in a way where you remember what you learned
  • eventually accumulate a treasure chest of words & phrases so that you’ll know exactly what to say in typical everyday situations
Olivier D.

“With my career and my kids, I don’t have much time to learn a new language but Dilshan’s simplified system certainly made a huge difference in my learning progress. He gives the right amount of repetition at a fine pace before going to the next level. By the time I reached Chapter 5 I already built enough confidence to start interacting with people in Sinhala.”

Olivier D. Vienna, Austria. www.oduboc.com
Meg A.

“All of Dilshan’s charts, diagrams, funny images are a tremendous help to understand how the language is organized and it helps stick in my brain better too.”

Meg A. San Francisco, USA
Ellen K.

“The way Dilshan has broken down the words as well as his audio pronunciation guide has made things so much easier for learning the correct pronunciation now!”

Ellen K. Ratingen, Germany

All you wanted was to learn simple Sinhala. But then how did it become so difficult?

It’s probably been a little while now since you’ve wanted to learn Sinhala.

From day 1, you were very clear about what you wanted and didn’t want:

  • You had no grandiose ambitions of becoming a professor-level linguistics “expert” in it.
  • You simply wanted to be able to understand it and also speak it with the people who matter to you.

Sounds pretty straightforward.

But then, even with this much clarity and determination, you're starting to discover that you might not be where you want to be.

Instead of getting better and better at Sinhala, you might be feeling that you're stuck in the same place.

You’re forgetting most of what you’re learning, you’re self-conscious about how you sound, and you’re understandably annoyed because you still find it difficult to put a simple sentence together on your own.

You’re still relying on your friends, co-workers, or family members for translations whenever they start speaking in Sinhala among themselves. You honestly don’t know what is worse: Feeling left out of conversations or being the reason that the whole conversation has to come to a screeching halt because they’ve got to stop and catch you up to speed.

You're obviously serious about wanting to learn Sinhala and prove it to them, as well as yourself, that you can conquer this language that is so different to yours, but you just can’t manage to find time to yourself to sit down and do something about it.

During the day you’ve got work, or you’ve got studies, or even you’ve got both, and at night you’re just too exhausted to learn something new.

What if it didn’t have to be this way?

Imagine the person or the people you want to speak Sinhala with in front of you.

Now picture that priceless shocked look the first time you catch them off-guard with a Sinhala line that came totally naturally to you. You hide your smile and pretend like everything is normal and then hit them with another line, and another, until their look of disbelief turns into one of pure admiration. You’re laughing; they’re beaming with pride. Just like how you envisioned it while you were planning this surprise moment all along.

They are touched beyond words that you made the effort to learn their language. You wanted to make them happy and proud and also show them how important they are to you and that’s exactly what you’ve done. You’re making that deeper connection you’ve been wanting to.

Time goes by and they’ve eventually gotten over their shock...

...yet, they proudly tell others about how brilliant you are with languages and how you’ve picked up Sinhala like a natural. At the same time, they even joke about how they’ll have to be watchful about what they say around you since they can no longer use Sinhala as their “secret language”.

Meeting up with them has a whole new dynamic now. Earlier, you’d pick up a one or two familiar words here and there but now you’re understanding EVERYTHING everyone is saying. Once in a while you’ll hear a new word but the context of the sentence instantly gives you a clue of what that word meant.

You no longer need your friends to translate what’s being discussed. The conversation doesn’t need to comes to a screeching halt just because the “outsider” has to be brought up to speed again. You don’t fake smile anymore pretending to understand the joke because, guess what, you actually get the joke and you’re finally getting the “Sri Lankan sense of humor”.

You even contribute to these chats. You’re no more that person sitting quietly in the corner. Instead, you speak every word with confidence. Sure, you know you still have a slight accent but you know without a shadow of doubt how a local would say it and you know that your pronunciation is not that far from it. You know you’re stressing the right syllables and you’re speaking grammatically correct Sinhala. You’ve gotten over your fear of sounding silly and being laughed at.

By now most of the people you interact with have gotten used to hearing you speak Sinhala and they respond to you like how they would among themselves. They’ve accepted you as one of them now. Just like you wanted.

You have within you a treasure chest of words and phrases for typical situations. Could be while you’re out shopping, or you’re visiting someone at home, or you’re at a restaurant, it doesn’t matter. You’ve got words & phrases that flow effortlessly for each of these settings.

And most importantly, you’re feeling very proud of yourself for what you’ve achieved.

You started out out by wanting to prove to them that you can learn Sinhala but in the end you also ended up proving it to yourself. This language that is so beautiful, yet so different in sound and structure to your own which seemed daunting and alien at first.


You learned it like the champion that you had forgotten you were.

Hi, I’m Dilshan Jayasinha and I’m from Sri Lanka.

I've been helping thousands of my students from around 115 countries learn Sinhala for over 5 years now.

Those who know me well, know that I’m obsessed with simplifying complicated things, Sinhala being one of them that I’m most passionate about.

As someone who thinks it’s a crime to waste time, the one limited resource we have, I spend hours coming up with systems that’ll save time for my students while still helping them achieve their goals with the minimum needed effort.

There are many Sinhala resources out there. But did any of them help you?

You decided you’re going to learn it from the absolute beginning; the basics. Or perhaps you knew Sinhala "once-upon-a-time" but had forgotten most of it and so you promised yourself you’re going to re-learn it.

So where does anyone go to find Sinhala resources today?

The library? Pffft… of course not. We go online.

You spent a long time time looking for resources on the net but this turned out to be tougher than you thought. I mean, you did find a number of sites and some apps but you had a hard time settling on what you’d consider a “good resource”. Something that will get the job done once and for all.

Things were becoming increasingly discouraging.

Marisch P.

“Following a trip to Sri Lanka and experiencing the language barrier first-hand, I decided to search online for Sinhala resources but for years it was impossible to find an easy & convenient resource that didn’t frustrate me. So I gave up for a while.”

Marisch P. New York, USA.

Most of them were teaching Sinhala using the Sinhala alphabet which you’re not yet familiar with. In some of them the information was there but it was poorly organized and confusing.

"Ah! Of course I tried learning Sinhala on my own and it was a disaster. I couldn't find a proper tutor. Most of them couldn't explain it properly. So I kept on searching."

- Yesshita, Malaysia

Some of them just gave online translations which you later found (probably the hard way by getting blank stares from people) that they were incorrect.

"It's so hard with Google translate or apps as they don't really capture the proper meaning sometimes."

- Lianne B., UK

You may have even found some books but they were either too advanced or they were meant for kids. The kids books looked nice and colorful but the thing is, you’re not here to just learn the words for “dog” and “cat”.

You finally saw the light! (or you thought you did)

One fine day, lo and behold, you came across my site. You even got the free condensed edition of my Sinhala phrasebook as a welcome gift.

You were excited! You wanted a “good” resource and guess what? You got something that at first glance looked “decent”. You were ready to dive in and start speaking Sinhala in what you thought would be a reasonable amount of time.

Your hopes were back and your motivation was sky high.

"I've been enjoying your website every day now. You are by far my most entertaining and lively resource for learning Sinhalese!"

- Olga W.

Here’s when things started to get messy… and it was not even your fault!

The first problem you ran into is that there’s so much information on the net, on my site, and in my free phrasebook. Where do you even begin?

Sure. You can go through all of it and make your own notes, your own summaries, your own pronunciation files, and eventually learn to speak it. But have you got the time for that?

You’ve got work, you’ve got studies, you’ve got kids, you’ve got, well, you’ve got day-to-day life to deal with. You don’t have time to waste learning the wrong thing or worse learn it in the wrong sequence and have to start all over again.

That would wasting time twice!

Then there’s the problem of getting the right pronunciation. Unless you hear each word being said out loud by someone reliable whom you can trust, you’re never going to be confident that this is the right way to say it. Nobody wants to be misunderstood. Also, what if you say it wrong and offend someone?

Or even worse, what if people laugh at you?

Ellen K.

“Learning Sinhala has been a challenge, especially with respect to pronunciation and length of words…”

Ellen K. Ratingen, Germany
Marisch P.

“Whenever I tried to speak Sinhala, my American accent would take over and I’d become self-conscious, worried that others won’t understand me.”

Marisch P. New York, USA.

Let’s say you somehow pulled off a miracle and managed to find time to study Sinhala. And guess what? You actually learned something in that first sitting! You’re happy. But then you get back to it the same time the next day and sadly realize that “Uh oh”, you’ve forgotten most of it already.

"My memory does not retain Sinhala words easily and I ought to work very hard at that. It creates a great tension. So in this moment it is a problem."

- Massimo L.

"It's amazing how quickly I forget Sinhalese if I don't use it."

- Shonine

"Now that I'm out of Sri Lanka I'm worried that I'll forget everything or stagnate if I don't have regular lessons and opportunities for conversation."

- Tara K.

Now what? Do you go back and to that same lesson?

Yes, you might because your determination is still there. You’ll go back but you get frustrated because you feel as if you’re stuck in the same place. This is when your frustration starts to turn into hopelessness.

At this stage, you start questioning your own capability. You used to be good at this stuff, so what the hell’s going on now? Slowly (and most often, without your knowledge) your confidence starts to crack. This then continues to the point where some of you catch yourselves thinking that dreaded line:

“Maybe I’m never going to learn Sinhala”

You’re not alone. I had my own traumatic struggle with Sinhala.

I used to be bad at languages.

Wait, let me rephrase that: I used to tell myself I’m bad at languages.

Until the age of 6, I lived in the Maldives because my dad worked there. I only spoke English since that was what we spoke at home. I sometimes heard my mom and dad speaking Sinhala to each other but nothing really registered in my young pea-sized brain.

That age when I only spoke English I didn't have to know Sinhala at all. Life was awesome. And then we moved to Sri Lanka...

When we moved to Sri Lanka and I joined a school where everything was taught in Sinhala, I was royally screwed. My mom, who was an English teacher, did her best to prepare me for what she knew was going to be a bumpy ride, but she didn’t have enough time.

The first entire week at my new school, I don’t think I spoke to anyone. I tried speaking in English to the kid next to me and he laughed and ridiculed me in front of the others saying that there was a new local “suddha” (“white person”) amongst them.

Getting yelled at by the teacher in front of everyone was not my fondest memory either (over the “grave” mistake of me not understanding that she wanted me to open my book and turn to a specific page).

It took me a long time to speak Sinhala confidently, years in fact, but it was done out of fear of being yelled at by a teacher or being left out by my peers.

Seriously, how can anyone yell at such an innocent cutie pie?

So as a 20-year old when I moved to Monaco for my bachelor’s degree (yes, Monaco does have an international university), I was not hopeful about learning French. I even attended French classes by a sweet lady called Madame Isabelle but I couldn’t care less.


Firstly, because I told myself I’m not good at languages. But secondly, because I didn’t have a burning need (a strong “WHY?”) to speak French.

You see, I lived with my uncle & aunt who spoke it fluently and would speak on my behalf whenever it was necessary. All my courses at the university were in English and all my buddies were international students who spoke English. I was one of the top 3 students and was also a pretty popular party guy too, if I say so myself.

La vie était belle…

But then 3 years later, I decided to move out of my uncle & aunt’s place and live on my own. And that’s when I discovered my burning “why?” to learn French:


Now I was the one who had to do all the speaking. For example, to extend my visa, to get my driver’s license, and to apply for jobs after I graduate. I had to do it all.

I was also single at the time and I needed to speak French if I was ever going to date those gorgeous girls in Monaco who were not part of the university.

I learned bits and pieces off the internet. I jotted down any new word I learned and then annoyed my French friends with my 100 questions per day. I watched French shows with English subtitles; and I watched English shows with French subtitles.

Admittedly, it was a basic system that did help me learn some French, but it took way longer than it should have. In my defense, I didn’t have the experience I have today. I also didn't have the humility to ask for help.

So I hope you now understand why I shake my head when I hear people say that they’re not good at something they want to be good at. Instead I show them that:

  • They haven’t identified the powerful “WHY?” behind wanting to get good at that skill.
  • They haven’t put a proven SYSTEM and sequences in place to increase their chances of winning.

What about you? Do you already know your “why?” for learning Sinhala?

The 1st thing you need to learn Sinhala: A powerful "WHY"

When a new student joins my community, one of the first things I like to ask them is WHY they want to learn Sinhala. It helps me predict to a fairly accurate degree of how successful this student is going to be.

Having asked this question literally thousands of times and got a wide variety of answers, I can boil it down to these 2 reasons:

(Watch out now, we’re going to get a little profound here)

Reason #1:
You want to use Sinhala to connect at a deeper level with someone (or a group of people) who is close & important to you.

Reason #2:
You secretly want to impress them and win their approval.

Most people will readily accept reason #1 but will take some time before agreeing with me on reason #2.

I’m fine with that. For now :)

The people you want to connect with in Sinhala (and “perhaps” want to impress)

Your Sri Lankan partner & in-laws

You fell in love with the most wonderful Sri Lankan ever and thankfully you’ve got a common language to communicate in. But still, you want to learn their language for a variety of reasons. Maybe it’s to make them happy or to show them how important they are to you or to just feel “closer” to their culture.

Perhaps you already have kids with them or you hope to have some day. You’d like to speak with your kids in Sinhala. Also, you want to make sure that they don’t have a secret language with your partner and the rest of the family.

The situation gets much worse if your partner doesn’t speak your language fluently because now you’ve got a real language barrier to deal with. It’s frustrating knowing that you can’t fully communicate with your own partner, the person you’re meant to share everything about yourself with.

Then, you also have your Sri Lankan in-laws to think about. You already know that lost feeling you get when your partner's family get together but you don't understand most of what they're saying. Your partner tries their best to involve you by translating as much as they can but you'd love to be able to at least understand the gist of what they're saying without troubling your partner.

At the same time you’re worried that your in-laws might think you’re not making enough of an effort to learn their language. Sometimes when they speak your paranoia gets the better of you and you think that they’re talking about you. These are those moments you'd give anything to to know what they are saying!

"My (Sri Lankan) mother-in-law recently moved in with us and i am having a huge difficulty understanding what is being said in my home. Sometimes i feel as if they are talking about me. I want to learn and not tell them just to see."

- L.

You probably just imagining it (and your partner has been such a sweetheart and has never forced you to learn it) but day by day, this nagging feeling that you should be speaking Sinhala by now begins to feel more and more real.

Your own Sri Lankan family

Perhaps you were born outside Sri Lanka or you migrated when you were very young. Your parents tried their best to teach it to you and although you might be able to read it, write it, and perhaps even understand every word that is said to you, you never felt comfortable speaking it.

Marisch P.

“As a Sri Lankan-American growing up in the U.S. we mainly spoke English at home. Even when my dad asked us anything in Sinhala, we’d respond in English even if we understood what he asked.”

Marisch P. New York, USA.

You never spoke during those loud family get-togethers and you always replied in your first language because you were self-conscious and embarrassed to speak Sinhala with an accent. There’s only so many times you can put up with the relentless teasing of your cousins or the annoying “Aney darling, how cuuuuute” comments from the aunties.

Your parents would’ve lovvvved it if you spoke Sinhala, especially in front of your relatives. It was so cute how they’d speak a little extra Sinhala to you in front of them, almost like to show them how well they’ve raised their little Sri Lankan “paetiya”.

Today you understand where they’re coming from. You can’t really blame them, can you? They just wanted to “pass the torch” and give you a significant part of your heritage. It would be great to finally learn your parents’ language and make them proud, the language of their (and also your) “mother land”.

You also realize that if you don’t start speaking Sinhala soon then chances are that your kids, either existing or future, are never going to speak it either. You don’t want to deprive them a part of their own heritage just because you didn’t make that tiny bit of extra effort to learn the language.

    Your Sri Lankan boss or work colleagues

    You either work with Sri Lankans in your country or you work in Sri Lanka, permanently or on a voluntary mission.

    Apart from the obvious social benefits of speaking their language and being accepted as “part of the gang”, more importantly, you also realize that despite being good at your job, your inability to speak the language of your team and your customers is holding you back from advancing your career.

      Your Sri Lankan friends

      The ones you met at college, your work colleague who’s now your close friend, the ones you met on your last trip to Sri Lanka, or the ones you try to keep in touch with via Facebook and Whatsapp.

      You know this scenario all too well:

      When you meet them ina group, they’re all very considerate of you and they talk in English (or another language that you understand) but inevitably they'll get carried away and slip back into Sinhala and you’re once again left smiling blankly while others are laughing hysterically about something one of them said. God forbid that dreaded moment when someone asks you “You understood, right?” and you murmur a fake “Mm hmm”.

        The people you'll meet during your visit to Sri Lanka

        When you travel around Sri Lanka, especially the more rural areas, you meet shopkeepers, taxi drivers, tour guides and all this time you’re wishing you could say something to them in Sinhala. Not just to avoid getting ripped off, but also to make your trip that much more special.

          The 2nd thing you need: A proven learning SYSTEM

          Is "motivation" alone enough to learn Sinhala?

          You may have now figured out your WHY for learning Sinhala. If not, just give it some time. It'll come to you.

          But is having a powerful WHY enough?

          No, and you know this already. If only motivation and a strong desire was what was needed, you'd be speaking Sinhala by now.

          Then what is it? Is it more information?

          It can't be because there's an ocean of information out there. In order to deconstruct, simplify, learn, and apply that information, you need something else: A proven learning system.

          What do we mean by a "proven learning system"?

          A collection of resources that have built a track record of getting results for its users by not just dishing out information but rather deconstructing, simplifying, teaching, and then assisting the user to apply it towards practical value.

          By now you've figured out that I love asking my readers a lot of questions. I may have even asked you something one time or the other.

          I'm also very fortunate that I have a bunch of Tribesters who are eager to answer my questions. So having had this exchange for over 5 years, what am I then left with?

          A crystal clear idea of who my readers are and what they're looking for.

          So having spoken to thousands of my students, I listened carefully to what almost all of them were looking for in a Sinhala language learning system and I spent 2 years planning and creating one such system.


          1500 Lazy But Smart Sinhala Words & Phrases

          A proven system that has been tested & refined over 5 years to help you learn to speak the most frequently used words & phrases in Sinhala today.

          • Ultra-simplified & absolute-necessary content:
          • Every lesson or chapter has been carefully boiled down to it's most simplified state.
          • Most of the questions and common stumbling blocks that a new learner would run into have been preemptively explained within the lesson.
          • Get the most out of whatever time you dedicate to it by only focusing on what is absolutely necessary at the particular stage you are in.
          • Designed as a self-study course:
          • Unlike in a class or with a tutor, you can pause your lesson at any point and attend to whatever urgent thing that may have popped up.
          • Never be forced to depend on anyone but yourself.
          • Never have to adjust to someone else’s schedule.
          • Pre-tested and continuously improved:
          • 2 years of research to ensure that what you'll learn is correct and grammatically "bullet proof".
          • 6 Months of extensive testing with a team of “beta testers" made up of existing subscribers and revised accordingly before it was released.
          • Continues to be fine-tuned and further enhanced through a continuous feedback loop from current users.
          Basil J.

          “Rather than just presenting a pile of knowledge in this package, Dilshan has instead thought in advance of the problems a beginner like myself might be on the verge of having and he’s lead us through it with a caring hand.”

          Basil J. Berlin, Germany

          How is 1500 Lazy But Smart Sinhala Words & Phrases different?

          1. It is designed primarily for busy people who DON'T HAVE A LOT OF FREE TIME for learning Sinhala.

          Your intention is there and so is your motivation. Unfortunately though, you've also got your day-to-day life to deal with.

          You don't live in a Utopian world where you have all day to allocate to learning Sinhala. Instead, you live in the real world where you probably work, study, manage a household, or maybe even do all of the above.

          So how the heck can you squeeze in even an hour to do anything new, let alone learn a new language?

          You're also not being unrealistic, you know you're going to have to put in the time if you want to nail this Sinhala speaking dream of yours, but you just want to make sure that whatever time you dedicate to is not wasted or spent on the wrong things.

          This package is different because it...

          • Let you kill "2 birds with 1 stone" by learning Sinhala while you're doing other tasks like driving, walking, household chores, or commuting to work.
          • Asks for less than 15 minutes a day from you.
          • Makes sure that you get the most out of whatever time you dedicate to it by only focusing on what is absolutely necessary.

          "I'm studying the first 5 chapters of the premium edition I've purchased last week and I've already started to create some little sentences of my own. I feel confident enough to tell my husband's family few words and it means the world to me so big thank you!!!"

          - Marie C.

          1. Allows you to LEARN AT YOUR OWN SPEED so that you don’t need to adjust to the schedule of anyone but yours.

          You might be fortunate to know someone who conducts group classes in Sinhala in your area but you might not be able to attend these classes at those specific times.

          Or you could hire a private tutor, either in person or via Skype, and get individual attention which is great, but then you'd need to pre-commit to a time for these lessons. Hopefully, you're someone whose work and lifestyle allow it but sadly, for most of us, this is not the case.

          This package is different because it...

          • Lets you, and only you, decide when you want to study.
          • Allow you to put the lesson on hold at any given time if something should come up.
          • Is designed in a way that you can pick up where you left off whenever you’re ready and are able to give it your full attention again.

          1. Teaches ACCURATE & PRACTICAL SINHALA so that you always speak it with 100% confidence.

          Learning something new is hard enough. The last thing you need is to keep doubting if the material you've taken time to study is correct and has practical use.

          Imagine a poor student who's learning English online from some shady source who wanted to say "I'm so hungry I could eat a horse" but instead told you:

          "Lest I so fill'd with pangs of hunger I could consume a mammal of the Equus ferus species".

          How long before you kick him in the groin and call the cops on him?

          Th sad truth is, you may have already experienced something like this. You may have built up the courage to use some Sinhala phrases you learned online on your Sri Lankan friends, only to be told (probably after some knee-slapping & giggling at your expense) that it was totally wrong.

          What does this do to you?

          It instantly shatters your trust in all online Sinhala resources.

          And then most of us unfortunately decide to take the safer road of not saying anything anymore than risk looking foolish in front of the others.

          This package is different because it...

          • Took all the time that was required to be planned & built rather than something that was churned out in a hurry.
          • Was tested multiple times with students and revised accordingly before it was finally released to the public.
          • Continues to be fine-tuned and further enhanced through a continuous feedback loop from current users.
          • Is from a credible source whose other material you've already tried and found useful and, as a result, have grown to trust.

          1. Equips you with a WIDE SELECTION OF SINHALA WORDS & PHRASES that you can use in a given situation.

          You might already know how to say “My name is…” and “I am from…” but that will only get you so far.

          What about when you're out shopping in Sri Lanka, or you're visiting a friend’s house, or you're meeting your partner’s parents and the rest of the family?

          You're going to need to more than "My name is".

          But at the same time, you can't afford to waste even a minute on something that you know is going to be useless to you. For example, if you're moving to Sri Lanka for work, you're not going to give a crap about learning "how to impress your in-laws in Sinhala", are you?

          This package is different because it...

          • Gives you at least 15 different scenarios (such as when shopping, using public transport, eating out, getting romantic with your partner, etc.) and the most practical & effective phrases to use in each of them.
          • Helps you pick and choose the specific scenarios that are most relevant to you (and ignore all the rest).
          • Is presented in a way which will help you understand the structure of sentences and improvise rather than only forcing you to memorize each of them.

          1. Helps you MASTER THE CORRECT SINHALA PRONUNCIATION and never feel self-conscious about how you sound.

          When you start off learning Sinhala, it's very common to worry about how you sound when you speak it. I hear this everyday from my readers.

          And I get it.

          You don't want to say something incorrectly and be misunderstood. Or imagine the horror of unintentionally offending someone and not realizing what you said wrong?!

          You also don't want to get ridiculed and laughed at for speaking Sinhala in your accent. I personally think you shouldn't worry about your accent at the start, but still, that doesn't stop you from feeling self-conscious.

          You're never going to learn the 100% correct pronunciation just by reading the Sinhala words, even when they're written using the English alphabet letters. You're always going to wonder "Am I saying this correctly?".

          The only way you'll learn it and have no doubt about your pronunciation is by actually listening to a native speaker speak.

          But the issue is, all the Sri Lankans you know speak at lightning speeds that makes it more difficult to break down than the damn Da Vinci code.

          This package is different because it...

          • Enables you to listen to me, a native Sinhala speaker, reading the words & phrases so that you’ll know, without a shadow of doubt, that this exactly how a local would say it.
          • I articulate each syllable in a crisp clear high-quality audio. I am not some smart-ass who likes showing off how easily these words come to me.
          • Allows you to pause and repeat after hearing the words.
          • Allows you to also listen to me over and over again (as many times as it takes) until you nail it to perfection.
          • Breaks through all your doubts & fears once and for all of how you’ll sound to others.

          1. Gives you TOOLS TO HELP YOU REMEMBER what you learned so that you always keep moving forward.

          There's nothing more frustrating than setting aside the time to study, making progress, and finding out the very next day that you've forgotten most of it already.

          Or perhaps you already knew some Sinhala, but since you've not been using it often, you seem to have forgotten what you already thought you knew.

          You’re now forced to waste time twice and go back and revise on your own.

          You know that to remember something new like a new language, the right amount of repetition and usage at carefully selected intervals is key, but you don't know how you're going to do that with Sinhala.

          This package is different because it...

          • Gives you the optimal amount of repetition without making it tedious & boring for you.
          • Recaps "all that you need to know" on 1 page of what you learned in a specific chapter before moving onto the next step.

          1. STARTS YOU OFF SLOWLY AND GRADUALLY BUILDS ON WHAT YOU KNOW so that you never feel overwhelmed.

          Imagine that you joined a gym that had all the equipment and all the weights you can think of. However, there are no trainers. You're on your own to pick the weights and machines you want to use.

          So you go to the squat rack, load it up with heavy weights to satisfy your ego, and you do your first squat. What would happen?

          You know what would happen. You've probably even seen clips of such "dumbassness" on YouTube of people who've tried this.

          Apart from the serious permanent injuries you could get, you're also not going to want to come back to the gym in hurry, because the whole thing left a scarring experience that you now associate with fitness.

          You were not warmed up, your muscles weren't ready for such heavy weights, and your mind wasn't prepared for the effort it would have to endure to carry such weights.

          No one was there to tell you to start off slowly and let your body get stronger each day. No one told you the importance of starting off easy so that you return to the gym every day.

          It was just too much too soon.

          Similarly, with Sinhala, there's so much information out there that you don't even know where to begin.

          You try to take on too much too soon and suddenly you've permanently "damaged" your motivation to learn the language.

          You're feeling overwhelmed and extremely frustrated and eventually this will lead you to chuck the whole idea of learning Sinhala and do nothing instead.

          This package is different because it...

          • Eases you in gently with no intention of bombarding you with unnecessarily complex information.
          • Only teaches you what you need to know at that specific stage of your learning.
          • Guides you along each step of the way from start to finish so that you always learn the right thing in the right order.
          • Crafts every lesson in a way to make sure that you keep coming back.

          1. Shows you upfront A CLEAR "ROAD MAP" OF THE ENTIRE COURSE so that you don’t feel lost at any point.

          Imagine that you've hired a local always-smiling guide to plan a tour around Sri Lanka for you.

          You ask him for the itinerary on the morning of the tour but he smiles and asks you to trust him. You do, and so you jump into his van and start your journey.

          You pass and interesting statue on the way but he doesn't talk about it. He never tells you which city you're in neither does he tell you where you're heading and what you should be prepared for. You're meanwhile looking through your guidebook trying to make the most of this trip.

          Imagine the horror when you find out that he's not telling you any of this because he himself has no clue!

          Now you're lost in the middle of nowhere and it's your job to find your way back to your hotel in a land that is totally unfamiliar to you.

          Similarly, when learning something new, it's so easy to get lost with all the new information coming your way.

          You don't know what you just learned, you don't know what you're going to learn next, and you don't know what you're going to need to know before getting to the next "milestone".

          This package is different because it...

          • Shows a clear map of the entire "journey" you're about to take even before you take your first step.
          • Prevents you from veering off the path by checking in with you at regular intervals to show you what you're currently learning, what you previously learned, and to prepare you for what you're about to learn in the next section.
          • Shows you at every single point how far you've come, which encourages your motivation.

          1. Allows you to LEARN ON YOUR OWN so that you don’t have to depend on anyone else.

          You probably have your Sri Lankan friends, family, partner, who have volunteered to teach you Sinhala, which is great.

          But now you depend entirely on them and their schedule. You have a 100 new questions a minute popping into your mind but you can’t always trouble them to have each and every question answered.

          And even if they can help and they do make the time for you, teaching a language that comes naturally to them might not necessarily be that simple. Try teaching your own language to a foreign friend of yours and you'll soon start to see the issues. Especially if you have little or no teaching experience.

          "My boyfriend is Sri Lankan but not the best teacher :) but he’s very impressed with what I’ve learned with you so far."

          - F.R.

          This package is different because it...

          • Has been designed for self-study.
          • Guides you each step of the way, from start to finish.
          • Through constant research of the common stumbling blocks, has tackled most of yours questions preemptively so that you don't need to trouble anyone. 

          1. Gives you the OPTION OF GOING BEYOND THE BASICS if you want.

          Knowing only the basics will be ok only for the beginning. Eventually you’ll need to learn more.

          For example, if you're learning numbers in Sinhala, at the start you'd be content with learning the numbers 1 to 10 and learning how to use them in a sentence. But sooner or later you'll want to know what 11, 12, 100,... 500 is, right?

          This holds true for everything else in a language ranging from basic colors and other vocabulary lists, to adjectives & adverbs, to present, past, & future tense verbs.

          Also, you're right now not interested in the different words we use for the same thing (synonyms) but at some point it'll be important to know such variations used in Sinhala.

          Furthermore, if you're learning something new, you'd like to keep all the related notes to a minimum. However, you'd like to have the freedom to come back to it when you're ready.

          This package is different because it...

          • Not only gives you basic vocabulary & number tables but also links you to extended tables with more words and numbers for you to use.
          • Provides you with synonyms for certain words which you can choose to remember or just ignore and move on.
          • Gives you supplementary notes on the phrases you're learning that you can save for later in case you're feeling too overwhelmed with that specific content.

          1. BUILDS YOUR CONFIDENCE WITH EACH LESSON so that you won’t want to stop until you reach your goal.

          Why do most people not follow through on a diet or weight loss program?

          Having studied this deeply studied this topic for my own personal reasons, today I know that it could be a myriad of reasons depending on the person. One of the common reasons for not following through is because you don't see results.

          Similarly, when learning a language for a while and you don’t see results (or the results are far below what you expected) it’s quite natural to start doubting the system you're following and ultimately doubting yourself.

          You ask yourself "Is he a crappy teacher of am I just lousy at languages now?". No one could reasonably expect you to follow through with it once these kind of debilitating thoughts start popping into your head. That would be the beginning of the end.

          This package is different because it...

          • Guarantees immediate results (as early as on day 1) by teaching you useful information & tools that you can actually start using when speaking to people.
          • Where every lesson or chapter has been carefully simplified to prevent typical points of confusion.
          • Has gone through rigorous testing and research to make sure that what you're learning is correct and grammatically "bullet proof".

          1. Gives you the option of FAMILIARIZING YOURSELF WITH THE SINHALA SCRIPT.

          At this early stage, perhaps you only goals is to understand and speak Sinhala. Right now you might not have any need or desire to learn how to read it.

          Unfortunately, most of today's Sinhala learning products use the Sinhala script straight out of the gate to teach the language. This excludes a huge segment of readers like yourself who don't know and who don't want to learn the script.

          Eventually though what happens is as your confidence grows, you'll start getting curious about the Sinhala alphabet of how words are written.

          When that happens (and trust me, it will) you'd like to have the option of knowing how all these words & phrases you've been learning look when they're written in Sinhala.

          Dorothy H.

          “I am happy to say that my ongoing Sinhala script problem has now been solved by using Dilshan’s 1500 Words & Phrases Premium package…. Just what I wanted to make it all clearer for me.”

          Dorothy H. Sheffield, England

          This package is different because it...

          • Although it's primary focus is not to teach you to read or write, every word or phrase in the book is additionally written in Sinhala.
          • Also comes with a handy Sinhala script reference guide that you can look up to identify the characters used.
          • Helps you passively familiarize yourself with the Sinhala script without making a direct effort.
          • Trains your eye to recognize recurring characters & patterns
          • Enable you to attempt copying & writing the words on your own when you feel ready.

          Look inside: 1500 Lazy But Smart Sinhala Words & Phrases

          This package includes 3 primary elements:

          Let's now see what you get inside each Element:


          Element #1:

          Premium Phrasebook

          350+ pages

          This program accompanies you through 5 sections:

          • Each section prepares you for what you're about to learn in the next.
          • Every lesson keeps slowly increasing in difficulty.
          • You are guided along each step of the way from start to finish.

          This will help you to...

          • Never feel stuck.
          • Not feel overwhelmed by the massive amount of content in the package.
          • Not have doubts as to "Am I learning this in the right order?".
          • Form a solid foundation before ultimately moving on to learning the phrases in the final section.

          Here are the chapters inside each section:

          Inside Section 1:

          Easing you into this awesome language

          • Starts with the Sinhala words you already know (but had no idea that you did!).
          • Gives you the basic words for responding to people.
          • Teaches you 2 main elements needed for forming basic sentences in Sinhala.

          This will help you to...

          • Immediately see results as early as from Day 1.
          • Build the confidence you need to get over the initial hurdles of learning Sinhala.
          • Already start forming basic sentences on your own.
          • Get prepared for Section 2.

          Inside Section 2:

          Building on what you just learned

          • Focuses mainly on building sentences.
          • Expands on the personal pronouns & verbs that you saw in Section 1.

          This will help you to...

          • Learn to make more sentences on your own.
          • Understand the structures of the sample phrases you'll see in Section 3.

          Inside Section 3:

          Learning the most often used words

          • Learn how to speak while pointing.
          • Learn how to ask questions.
          • BONUS CHAPTER: A list of 16 short slang terms used by locals in everyday conversation.

          This will help you to...

          • Start interacting with people more meaningfully.
          • Be able to ask the most common questions
          • Shock people with your knowledge of typical polite slang terms.

          Inside Section 4:

          Turbo boosting your vocabulary

          • Focuses primarily on rapidly expanding your vocabulary.
          • Shows how these new words are used in real-life sentences.
          • BONUS CHAPTER: All the main words & phrases related to the major religions in Sri Lanka, places of worship, religious figures & deities, priests, and activities & holidays.

          This will help you to...

          • Use the foundation (as well as the self-confidence) you built in Sections 1 & 2 to increase your vocabulary.
          • Put to use these new words into practical everyday situations.
          • Learn the Sinhala terms used in the main religions of Sri Lanka.

          Inside Section 5:

          Specific phrases for specific situations

          • Teaches you the most practical & effective phrases to use in the 19 specific situations.
          • Designed as in a "Choose your adventure" style where you don't need to read these chapters in order.
          • BONUS CHAPTER: How to speak with a Buddhist priest, including the "special" words we use.

          This will help you to...

          • Pick and choose the situations most relevant to you.
          • Save time by entirely skipping sections that don’t immediately matter to your requirements.
          • Learn to confidently interact with a Buddhist priest by using the appropriate and respectful terminology.

          A 3rd column showing the Sinhala Script for every word & phrase:

          • a 3rd column where you'll see every Sinhala word & phrase written in the Sinhala script.

          This will help you to...

          • Passively familiarize yourself with the Sinhala script.
          • Train your eye to recognize recurring characters & patterns.
          • Enable you to attempt copying & writing the words on your own.

          End of chapter summaries:

          At the end of each chapter, you'll find a "lazy but smart summary" of the following key takeaways from that specific chapter:

          • Top 5 words: The 5 words that I think are the most useful for you.
          • Top 3 phrases:: The 3 phrases which I think are the most frequently used.
          • Extras: List of tables in the chapter, links to extended bonus tables in the appendix, and links to external blog posts which were referenced in the chapter.

          This will help you to...

          • Understand what’s most important in that chapter.
          • Help you remember the key points of a chapter in the shortest possible time.

          Intermediary summaries in "tricky" chapters:

          • The Difficult chapters that were identified during the testing phases have been broken down into smaller pieces.
          • Recap of "here's what we know so far".

          This will help you to...

          • Get a "time out" to stop and revise what you've learned so far before moving to the next part.
          • Move through challenging chapters with ease.

          Extended tables:

          • 42 bonus extended tables in the appendix section.
          • These extended tables contain even more words & numbers than the tables included in the course.

          This will help you to...

          • Satisfy the eager "over-achiever" in you by further expanding your knowledge of basic Sinhala words & numbers

          Element #2:

          Premium Audio Book

          Total duration: 5 hours

          (Ipod not included, obviously...)

          Consists of 54 audio files with total playing time of 5 hours.

          Listen to Sample
          • Can be easily downloaded onto your mobile phones, tablets, or USB drives and listened to while on the move.

          This will help you to...

          • Cleverly utilize your "idle" time by listening to chapters while driving, walking, doing household chores, or commuting to work.
          • Make it a fun group activity by listening to it with others in your family also interested in learning Sinhala.

          All the pronunciation is done by me.

          • Every syllable has been carefully articulated.
          • Read at "normal" speed as opposed to the "lightning" speed most people speak at.
          • But at the same time not read out in a patronizingly slow speed.

          This will help you to...

          • Know, without a shadow of doubt, how exactly a local would say all the words & phrases.
          • Understand every word clearly without having to ask "What did he just say?".
          • Not get bored like you perhaps did when listening to other Sinhala learning resources due to their ultra slow speed.
          • Avoid being misunderstood, unintentionally offending someone, get ridiculed for your accent, and never wondering “Am I saying this right?”.

          High quality audio.

          • Recorded using high quality materials in a quiet environment

          This will help you to...

          • Hear every word clearly.
          • Avoid irritating your ears due to crackling or distortion.

          Audio files that can be paused allowing you to control your study pace.

          • When studying by yourself using audio files you have the freedom to pause the audio at anytime for whatever reason.

          This will help you to...

          • Repeat after listening to a word or phrase until you nail the pronunciation to perfection.
          • Go back anytime you come across a tough word or phrase until you fully understand it.

          Element #3:

          Sinhala Script Guide

          10-page supplement

          Sinhala script reference tables for Sinhala vowels, primary & secondary consonants, and other characters.

          • References all the main characters you'll see in the course and lists all the variations.

          This will help you to...

          • Look up to identify any of the strange Sinhala characters used in the 3rd column.
          • Train your eye to recognize recurring characters & patterns.
          • Familiarize yourself with the Sinhala script.

          Frequently Asked Questions

          • Is this package suitable for anyone wanting to learn Sinhala?
            No, absolutely not. This learning package is for anyone who has a long-term interest to learn Sinhala with a strong burning “why?” behind it. Don’t waste your money otherwise.

          • Will this package be too advanced for me?
            I designed this book specifically for beginners & intermediates who are feeling stuck.

          • Instead of buying this, can’t I learn Sinhala on my own?
            There’s a lot of free material out there in the world, including on my site. But with all the free information, the question to ask yourself is how come you still haven’t made the progress you wanted? I’ll tell you why. It’s because it’s not just about information. It’s about following a system that has been tested for years and has got results for people before you.

          • What if I get my Sri Lankan spouse, partner, friend, butcher, baker, or candlestick maker to teach me?
            My clients who initially asked someone to teach Sinhala have told me that they soon realized that although the language comes naturally to some of these Sri Lankans, it might not be that simple for them to teach it. You can’t really blame them, can you? They might be good at a lot of things but they might not have the experience to deconstruct and teach the language. Also do they have the time to set aside to teach you and answer every question you have or translate everything your want? For how long will they be able to do that?

          "I am finding it a lot more simple learning off you than I do when my boyfriend tries to teach me.... He's a bit frustrating cause he forgets that I can't listen as fast as he speaks."

          - S.V.
          • Will it focus a lot on the Sinhala script? I don’t need to learn it right now.
            It's true that each key word & phrase is also written in Sinhala. You'll also get a separate Sinhala script guide. However, this is simply to familiarize yourself with it and not teach it to you. I have other books that do that.

          • Do I also get an actual printed book delivered to me?
            No, this is 100% digital. Which means that you as soon as you pay, you can access your purchase and start learning Sinhala immediately. No more waiting for a delivery.

          • But I’m old fashioned and I like books. Do you sell this in printed form too?
            No, I intentionally don’t. I am focusing on delivering maximum value to my readers and didn’t want a thing like printing costs restricting how much content I can add.

          • In that case, can I print the ebook?
            Sure you can. I have enabled printing on ALL pages. Not only the ebook, you can also print the Sinhala script guide. However, I'd recommend selectively printing only the sections you need since the ebook is HUGE with a lot of useful content.

          Meg A.

          “…I’ve also printed it out to easily take with me on our travels.”

          Meg A. San Francisco, California, USA
          • Can I pay you through a bank transfer? Or can I meet you somewhere near a dark alley and pay cash?
            No. I only accept online payments through debit cards, credit cards, and PayPal (the payment processor allows this for certain countries). Also, I’m scared of the dark.

          • When I pay by card, will my card details fall into the evil hands of ruthless criminals?
            First of all, I NEVER get to see your credit card number. My payment processor is the widely used U.S. based company 2checkout, one of the leaders in the industry. Their systems securely communicate with your bank who will ultimately check everything and authorize the payment.

          • Will people laugh if I use these words & phrases? How do I know if they’re correct?
            I've strictly used only everyday-good-ole'-fashioned Sinhala spoken by the typical local. They might smile with admiration but they won't laugh. I promise.

          • Will people still laugh at my accent?
            There's 5 hours of audio, where I read out each and every key word and phrase. Just repeat my pronunciation a couple of times and you'll be golden.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

            Having said that.. I’ll tell you what one of those gorgeous Monaco ladies told me on a date when she noticed I was self-conscious about my accent when speaking French. She said “Embrace your original accent when you speak. You’ll probably never get rid of it entirely anyway. And thank god for that because it adds so much to your charm”. True story :)

          • Do I need to install anything to use this?
            There's no "installing" to be done.The package is a zip file that you download onto your computer and you open and immediately start learning. That's it. If you do have any trouble, you can ALWAYS email me and I'll guide you step by step as I’ve done for a number of my students. I won't leave you hanging.​​​​​​​​

          • What if I’m not happy with my purchase because it’s not all that you claim it to be?
            Fair question. That’s exactly why I have a no-risk money-back guarantee. See below:

          Try "1500 Lazy But Smart Sinhala Words & Phrases" for a full 30-days, 100% risk-free

          My Refund Policy: If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, within 30 days from the purchase date, my Company will fully refund the cost of your order.

          In any financial transaction, there's always an inherent risk.

          For the buyer: "Once I pay for it, am I going to get stuck with a piece of crap?"
          For the seller: "Once I send them the product, am I going to get paid?"

          As someone who stands confidently behind the effectiveness of this learning package, I am happy to take on ALL of the risk.

          Linda V.

          “I must say I am very happy to have bought this package and I love Dilshan’s incredible way of teaching Sinhala in it. I’m very excited and he’s done a fantastic job as always. Thanks Dilshan for all the great work and effort you have put into this! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!”

          Linda V. Netherlands
          Ellen K.

          “Well done, Dilshan! You have definitely acquired another dedicated LBSS customer and fan.”

          Ellen K. Ratingen, Germany
          Basil J.

          “This package is well considered and well written. This also brings me to a personal description of Dilshan: He is infectious. And he obviously wants to be. Thanks again Dilshan for your unique approach.”

          Basil J. Berlin, Germany

          Which option is right for you?

            OPTION 1:

            Only the Words & Phrases package

              Here's what you get when you purchase Option 1:

              US$ 47
              Get This Package Now

              Email me at dilshan@lazybutsmartsinhala.com if you have any questions.

                  OPTION 2:

                  Words & Phrases package + Verbs package

                    Here's what you get when you purchase Option 2:

                    The complete package included in Option 1

                    • 1500 Lazy But Smart Sinhala Words & Phrases package

                    350 Lazy But Smart Sinhala
                    Verbs package

                    • 900-page ebook (PDF)
                      • 13-step guide to deconstructing verbs
                      • Simplification & grouping of 350 verbs
                      • Full-page tables for each verb
                      • Full-page BONUS tables for each verb
                    • 7 hours of audio pronunciation for all verbs (MP3)
                    • 10-page Sinhala script guide (PDF)
                    US$ 66.95
                    Get 2 Packages

                    Email me at dilshan@lazybutsmartsinhala.com if you have any questions.

                        OPTION 3:

                        COMPLETE BOX SET:

                        All 5 packages!

                          Here's what you get when you purchase Option 3:

                          Both packages included in
                          Option 2

                          • 1500 LBSS Words & Phrases package
                          • 350 LBSS Verbs package

                          Lazy But Smart Sinhala
                          Study Kit

                          • Full Transcript + Sinhala Script of video tutorial series (PDF)
                          • Sinhala Script Analysis + Reference Tables (PDF)
                          • Pronunciation Guide Of Key Words (MP3)
                          • Printable Flashcards (PDF)
                          • Interactive Flashcards (Online)
                          • BONUS: Enhanced Supplements (PDF)

                          10 Most Popular Lazy But Smart Sinhala Posts

                          • 500+ page compilation of my 10 most popular blog posts (PDF)
                          • Complete Audio Book with 100+ minutes of audio (MP3)
                          • Complete Sinhala Script Analysis (PDF)
                          • Complete Vocabulary Index (PDF)
                          • Vocabulary Index Audio (MP3)
                          • BONUS: Complete Flashcards Flipbook

                          Lazy But Smart Sinhala Reading Guide - Vol I

                          • 800+ Primary Guide Book teaching you Sinhala vowels & consonants
                          • Complete Audio Book with 150+ mins of audio (MP3)
                          • 200+ pages of exercises for revision (PDF)

                            Also included when you buy Option 3:

                            BONUS STUDY KIT:

                            8 Days of the Week in Sinhala

                            • List Of Words & Phrases With Sinhala Script (PDF)
                            • Sinhala Script Analysis + Reference Tables (PDF)
                            • Pronunciation Guide Of Words & Phrases (MP3)
                            • Printable Flashcards (PDF)
                            • Interactive Flashcards (Online) 
                            US$ 111.80
                            Get All 5 Packages + Bonus

                            Email me at dilshan@lazybutsmartsinhala.com if you have any questions.

                              If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, within 30 days from the purchase date, my Company will fully refund the cost of your order.
                              1500 Lazy But Smart Sinhala Words & Phrases
                              350 Lazy But Smart Sinhala Verbs
                              Lazy But Smart Sinhala Study Kit
                              10 Most Popular Lazy But Smart Sinhala Posts
                              Lazy But Smart Sinhala Reading Guide - Vol I
                              BONUS STUDY KIT: 8 Days of the Week in Sinhala

                              Option 1:

                              & Phrases
                              (1 package)

                              US$ 47

                              • 1500 Lazy But Smart Sinhala Words & Phrases
                              • 350 Lazy But Smart Sinhala Verbs
                              • Lazy But Smart Sinhala Study Kit
                              • 10 Most Popular Lazy But Smart Sinhala Posts
                              • Lazy But Smart Sinhala Reading Guide - Vol I
                              • BONUS STUDY KIT: 8 Days of the Week in Sinhala

                              Option 2:

                              Words, Phrases,
                              & Verbs
                              (2 packages)

                              US$ 66.95

                              • 1500 Lazy But Smart Sinhala Words & Phrases
                              • 350 Lazy But Smart Sinhala Verbs
                              • Lazy But Smart Sinhala Study Kit
                              • 10 Most Popular Lazy But Smart Sinhala Posts
                              • Lazy But Smart Sinhala Reading Guide - Vol I
                              • BONUS STUDY KIT: 8 Days of the Week in Sinhala