Lazy But Smart

Sinhala Reading Guide

Volume I

For anyone who's even slightly interested in learning to read basic Sinhala but didn't want to put in the effort.

The Problem:

This is the traditional Sinhala alphabet grid that was taught to me as a kid:


(That was the sound of my young brain exploding)

- It was overwhelming

- I later found out that some letters are rarely used

- It wasn't fun for me


And most importantly,


-It's not how I'd want my future kids to learn it!

My Solution:

Come up with an unorthodox and fun way of learning key letters of the Sinhala alphabet to effortlessly read basic Sinhala words

My Method:

- Select key letters from the traditional alphabet grid

- Completely rearrange them according to what makes sense to me

- Present it in 11 groups

- Give each group an easy to remember identity like this:




What's inside Volume I?

Item #1:  The Primary Guide Book

  • 2 Main Sections:  Consonants & Vowels
  • 11 chapters, one per group
  • Analysis of the appearance of each letter
  • Comparison of the differences
  • Over 180 strategically selected sample words
  • "Now You Try It":  Over 75 words that lets you try out the new letters you just learned
  • End of Chapter Recaps:  Over 100 words that you'll be tested on to help you retain what you saw in the chapter

Item #2:  Complete Audio Book

  • Listen to the above book in entirety being read out by me with my "warm caramel voice" :)
  • Sample words broken down letter-by-letter for you
  • Listen to me explain the main differences between specific letters

Item #3:  Lazy But Smart Sinhala Playground

  • A fun place to play with some new words and prove to yourself that you can now read basic Sinhala words without my help.

Whom is Volume I for?

obviously for my future kids...

But also for anyone who was interested in learning to read Sinhala but was discouraged by how overwhelming it looks

And if you are that person, then let me ask you..

Which one below do you find more exciting?


...or Lazy But Smart?

One last thing you should know:

My Refund Policy: If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, within 30 days from the purchase date, my Company will fully refund the cost of your order.

Sounds fair, right?


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