The Lazy But Smart Sinhala


For The Video Tutorial Series

Designed specifically for my dear Lazy But Smart "Over-Achievers" who want to further drill-in what they learned in my Video Tutorials (and also take a glimpse at the Sinhala script)

In Each Study Kit You Will Receive...

Looks interesting, right?

But no no... Don't just take my word for it. Here's what a few others had to say:

(Each testimonial & photo below has been published with the express consent of the individual... Duh, obviously.)

Marie Carbonneau

“I have bought & printed all the Study Kits (flash cards and all) and organised them in a binder. It’s just brilliant! I love the way you go through everything in a very meticulous way, it makes it so much easier to learn. Thanks for taking all the time and effort to create such an amazing learning tool.”

Marie Carbonneau Melbourne, Australia
Eddie Towndrow

Having bought and read through all 5 Study Kits, I’m itching to try my newly acquired knowledge on my poor unsuspecting Sri Lankan friends when I revisit them. A sincere thank you for your very generous efforts in compiling such a fantastic learning package. I find myself getting excited with each new product you release.

Eddie Towndrow Shropshire, England
Rasiah Yogarajah

I thank you very much for making this Study Kit. It is superb and I am really very impressed. Your phonetic alphabet and also the online flash cards are helping me a lot to learn Sinhala in Germany. Thank you for creating this product that teaches us Sinhala in an easy way.

Rasiah Yogarajah Germany
Cherie M.

I want to say how fantastic the Study Kits are. I’m from Australia but temporarily living in Colombo, and so I wanted to re-learn a few useful phrases that appeared in the Video Tutorials. I’m certainly not a natural at languages, but the approach you’ve taken in this is very effective. I’ve been most impressed.

Cherie M. Melbourne, Australia

Aww... aren't they sweet?

So it's no surprise that this is currently my 3rd-highest selling Sinhala learning package of all time!

Now, if there was only a way you could buy it totally risk-free...

My Refund Policy: If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, within 30 days from the purchase date, my Company will fully refund the cost of your order.

Sounds fair?... Yeah, I thought so too.


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