A Quick “Shakeel Update”, As Requested By His Rapidly Growing ‘Fan’ Base

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The Man (I mean “Boy”) Of The Hour: Shakeel

If you’ve read my post “Parts Of The Body In Sinhala” then you no doubt remember my 12-year old nephew, Shakeel, who I shamelessly exploited to do the pronunciation of the words…

This afternoon I thought of dropping by his place to take him out to get some fresh ice teas.

And since there were many comments (and even more emails) asking about this guy, I decided to do this short fun post with an update of what he’s been up to, a transcript of a phone chat we had, and of course, photos of him that he’s gonna hate when he knows I posted them on my blog.

(This post has NOTHING to do with learning Sinhala. So take my advice and skip it if you’re right now more in the learning mood).


So, for those of you who asked “How is Shakeel?”…

He’s fine. Actually, he’s doing great.

He’s got school holidays right now and spends most of his time with his PlayStation. He just bought another new game today (“Tiger Woods Golf 2014”) – He ‘borrowed’ the money from me and hasn’t yet paid me back… I’m not holding my breath.

And he finished the 2014 rugby season in style when his Under-13 team won the National Championship! So these days, he’s got that swagger of a true winner.


rugby champs-1

Shakeel and his champion team, taken a week ago


“Have you got something to say to them?”

Once I got home and started on this post, I wanted to know if he had anything to say to all of you, his “fans”.

So I called him and here’s how that went (I’ve kept it accurate to the best of my memory):


Me: “Hey, Shakeel?”

Shakeel: “Let me guess… Did you forget something again?”

Me: “No, uhh… I don’t think so. Why, did you find something of mine?”

Shakeel: “No no, it’s just that you’re always leaving something behind. Like your sunglasses the last time. And your iPad…”

Me: “Ok ok, no I actually called to ask you something else. Do you have anything to say to my subscribers?”

Shakeel: “Huh?…. Whaaaat?”

Me: “You know how some people have been asking about you? Do you have any message to give them?”

Shakeel: “Oh, you mean like that. Hmm… (pauses). Ok, tell them that I *might* be back very soon.”

Me: “Haha, ok, that’s awesome”

Shakeel: “Ok, bye” (obviously impatient to get back to his video game)

Me: “Uhhh, ok bye.”


So there you have it folks! He “might” do another post with me… Depending on his highness’s mood of course.

“Can you please stop taking photos!!!”

I’ll leave you with some pics I took today.

He hates it when I take photos of him. So as any good uncle (with a blog) would do I take photos of him and post them online, just to bug the crap out of him… (You’ll actually see that moment when he realized that I’m taking the pics, haha!)

Lastly, here’s that other post, “Parts Of The Body In Sinhala” again, in case you’ve not read it yet and would like to hear what this guy sounds like.

Bye folks and I hope that brought you up to speed on the little munchkin and his rock star life :)

If you have any comments (for me or for “you know who”), please leave them below and I’ll make sure he sees it.




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9 Responses to A Quick “Shakeel Update”, As Requested By His Rapidly Growing ‘Fan’ Base

  1. Chandra September 7, 2014 at 05:22 #

    Is he 13 years old. He is very handsome. I have grand children at his age. He should get paid for the work that he does for your blog. Isn’t that true Shakeel?

    • Dilshan Jayasinha September 7, 2014 at 07:07 #

      Hi Chandra, he is 12, turning 13 next year.

      Umm…. about the payment, I’ll convey your question to him but I think his uncle should first get paid for the work that he does on the blog, haha.

      Take care Chandra, have a great Sunday!

    • Dilshan Jayasinha September 8, 2014 at 15:00 #

      Hi again Chandra, I just now called Shakeel and read out your question to him (about getting paid) and asked him for a response. This is what he said:

      “Yes, definitely! But I already owe Dilshan money for the video game. So now I won’t pay him since I didn’t get paid for the blog work”


  2. Elizabeth September 7, 2014 at 16:17 #

    Hello Shakeel

    Well Shakeel, I was under the impression that you & your parents were in some foreign country & not in Sri Lanka. You know I am a native of Sri Lanka & wish I was back
    in my home country when our cricketers had their recent victory against Pakistan. Do you
    like cricket? I love it. But no way of watching, not even on TV. So much for the liking.

    Anyway good luck with your studies and be an asset to your handsome uncle.

    Talk to you later.
    Elizabeth T

    • Dilshan Jayasinha September 8, 2014 at 15:03 #

      Hi Elizabeth, I called Shakeel and read out your comment to him and asked him for a response. Here it is:

      About cricket: “Actually I’m not much of a big fan of cricket, mainly a fan of rugby. You should try watching rugby. You might find it interesting”.

      About being an asset to me: “Thanks but maybe Dilshan won’t be the boss of the blog in a few years because I’ll be taking over”.

      Haha! I need to watch out!!!

  3. Elisabeth September 7, 2014 at 21:16 #

    First of all, enjoy your school holidays Shakeel, they are always too short !
    It’s great to hear that you might participate to Dilshan’s blog again. You are a very cool person !
    You two seem to have a great uncle-nephew relationship and this is priceless.
    If you need anything you cannot find in Sri Lanka, I will be happy to send it to you. Let me know.
    Bisous de Paris.

    • Dilshan Jayasinha September 8, 2014 at 15:08 #

      Hi Elisabeth, the following is what Shakeel gave as a response to your comment:

      About school holidays: “Haha, tell me about it!! They’re very short!”

      About him potentially doing another post with me: “Maybe if Dilshan starts paying me I’ll be there a little bit more often”.

      About your (very kind) offer to send him anything from Paris: “Thanks. If I need something I will ask Mr. Blog Boss to send you a message. Thanks again”.

      Haha, so now I’ve got a new name too… :) Also, when I translated “bisous de paris” he started giggling.

      Thanks for your comment.

  4. Julie September 11, 2014 at 18:35 #

    So this blog becomes slowly a “star creating machine”.

    Hehe, @Shakeel, with your increasing popularity in this blog and as a rugby Champion there is actually an invitation for an ice-tea by your uncle nice but not adequate as “payment” anymore ;-)
    I am looking forward for your performance in the next blog post – and tell us about the generousity of uncle Dilshan ;-)

    @Dilshan: you’re doing a good job with that young guy ;-)

    • Dilshan Jayasinha September 11, 2014 at 18:54 #

      Haha, thanks Julie. I think following your comment (and all the others) I think the next time I call him to do a blog post, he’s going to come to my place with a manager or agent (or worse, a lawyer!)… No more free child labor for me, haha.

      Will pass on your message to Mr. “Celebrity” and see what he has to say :)

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