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Bob CookBob CookSubscriber since Jul ‘13
I am going to Sri Lanka... for 6 months teaching English in Government schools. Your tutorials are invaluable in helping me to master the basics in Sinhala.
Kay AbayakoonKay AbayakoonLBSS Subscriber since Aug ‘13
I find it a lot easier to listen to a podcast over and over while I am doing something else. Keep up the great work!
YukariYukariLBSS Subscriber since Apr ‘14
This must have been a lot of work to make such great video tutorials.. Your explanation is clear and the videos are easy to follow. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge.
I’m so happy that finally i found this site. I’ve been looking the right site for me to learn Sinhala. Since the first time here, i feel so encouraged to … stay here instead [of] just passing by.
LeslieLeslieSubscriber since Jan ‘14
..Just finished watching one of your YouTube videos after having tried by first lesson on a commercial CDRom... I learned more in 15mins with your video than an hour with the computer program.
IndreIndreLBSS Subscriber since Jan ‘14
Thanks so much for these podcasts Dilshan! I think I’ve learned more Sinhala in couple of days while reading your blog than during my 1 1/2 years in Colombo
AliAliLBSS Subscriber since Jul ‘13
As a person with a limited attention span for anything written (including lessons), it seems your video tutorials are very good and easy to learn. So thank you for all your hard work.
CasbotCasbotLBSS Subscriber since Jul ‘13
My (Sri Lankan) bf also thinks your blog is excellent. I played one of your podcasts for him, too, and he said, ‘this guy is good.’ That’s high praise, coming from him ;)
Pei TingPei TingLBSS Subscriber since Nov ‘13
I am so glad to have found your videos... They are so well organised and I am able to retain almost all that you’ve taught so far because of the repetitive nature...
SatthySatthyLBSS Subscriber since Nov ‘13
I’ve been looking for online sources for some time and finally I got it. It’s well organized, presented. And the most like-able part is you trying to be funny and that’s really works … Great work. Keep it up.
My husband is American and has tried to learn sinhala using many books and tutorials; your system is the first one that’s worked! He can understand and respond to many simple phrases and his accent is not bad at all. Great job!
Wee CkWee CkLBSS Subscriber since Nov ‘13
Ever since I found your blog, I have been listening to your podcast and they never fail to get my attention.
MahakMahakLBSS Subscriber since Apr ‘13
I have your podcasts downloaded on my phone and listen to them repeatedly on my way to uni…
Larry T HillLarry T HillLBSS Subscriber since Apr ‘13
Amazing as always ! such high levels of video and audio production. i sense a perfectionist streak, or just perhaps intelligent love of what you are doing.
WendyWendyLBSS Subscriber since Jun ‘13
Love the podcasts! I also like how you elaborate on the pronunciation more in these. I’ve been able to correct one or two mistakes I’ve been making thanks to that.
KyleKyleLBSS Subscriber since Dec ‘13
I happened to find your blog two weeks ago online. Since then I have been a fan. I have to say you did a great job and help me a lot on my Sinhala study.
AdamAdamSubscriber since Jul ‘13
What you have so far has been a huge help in lowering the barrier of entry into speaking Sinhala.
JackJackLBSS Subscriber since Oct ‘13
Wow, I followed you by learning two sections (of the videos) consecutively (you know how much interest i have for Sinhala and how hard for a fresh beginner) and i noticed your method is magical.
SarahSarahLBSS Subscriber since Jun ‘13
Hi Dilshan! Love all the posts and videos. My hubby is using them to teach our kids and I a bit of Sinhala (he’s Sri Lankan)... Thanks again for this site!
Stuart PoolStuart PoolLBSS Subscriber since Jan ‘14
This is the best site I have found so far to help me get started in Sinhala. And definitely the most fun. Thank you and please don’t stop making the videos!
KanishkaKanishkaLBSS Subscriber since Sep ‘13
I am a Sri Lankan, but a Kalu Suddha who grew up in UK and can’t speak his own mother tongue. Your blog is the only thing that has taken the boredom and pain out of learning a language … Please, for the love of all that is holy, continue doing this!!
DeborahDeborahSubscriber since Jan '14
Your videos and phrase book are top-notch. In fact, they are so intuitive and easy to follow and understand that in only four days… FOUR DAYS!!!!… I went from knowing only three now comfortably using the phrases and vocabulary I learned.
NatashaNatashaSubscriber since Nov ‘13
To everyone else reading this and learning Sinhala through Dilshan’s work, I can only encourage you to put in the effort (and don’t be lazy) because I can attest that you get the rewards back ten fold!
BenBenLBSS Subscriber since Sep ‘13
Dilshan, love what you are doing here, top man!
RolfRolfLBSS Subscriber since Sep ‘13
I highly recommend this page all those who want to learn Sinhala to simple conversations with Sinhales. So learning is easy and it’s a fun thing to do.
NatashaNatashaSubscriber since Nov ‘13
Of all the language ‘lessons’ and phrase books etc I have come across, the work you are doing is THE BEST! I can’t wait to get to Sri Lanka in 2 days to really start putting all your great work (and some of mine) to the test!
ZetaZetaSubscriber since Nov ‘13
Your videos are so useful and easy to understand, I really like the layout. Now I’ve been texting my dad with phrases I’ve learned from your videos, and he’s been remembering his Sinhala and answering back.
ClaireClaireLBSS Subscriber since Oct ‘13
I’ve been living in Sri Lanka for 10 years and can get by in Sinhala, but with your blog it all makes so much more sense and I can learn to speak better and more accurate Sinhala. You’re doing a wonderful job, don’t stop!
JessicaJessicaLBSS Subscriber since Apr ‘14
Your videos are superb! … Looks like my husband Rick and I will be engrossed in your videos for a while.
ZeljkaZeljkaLBSS Subscriber since Sep ‘13
I was looking for exactly this sort of the language learning tool, as I am going to Sri Lanka next month. Nothing too long, only two weeks, but still, I wish to learn a bit of the language before landing there.
SrinivasSrinivasSubscriber since Aug ‘13
Very Great and helpful. I am practicing these words in an easy manner as u taught.
NatashaNatashaSubscriber since Nov ‘13
I can’t even begin to thank you and let you know how much of an impact your blog (and what it helped me to learn) made on my holiday. From the first day I was being asked how long I had lived in Sri Lanka or how many times I had visited before.
Hans KorvemakerHans KorvemakerLBSS Subscriber since Aug ‘13
I am interested in getting introduced to Sinhala and you are doing a wonderful job. … I hope to eventually live in Sri Lanka so that is why I am getting some of your fundamental Sinhala instruction.
Amy JayasuriyaAmy JayasuriyaLBSS Subscriber since Apr ‘14
Your website and YouTube videos are so wonderful! It is making teaching my daughters so much easier than I could do on my own. Thank you for all the work you have clearly put into this!
SueSueLBSS Subscriber since Sep ‘13
Dilshan, thank you SO much for your great website! As an older learner I find it excellent, with the clear pronunciation as well as the explanations, the visual as well as the audio, and so on. Please don’t stop!
CathyCathyLBSS Subscriber since May ‘13
My family has moved to SL for 12 months, your site is a Godsend ... My Sri Lankan husband is tired if translating for me. … soon maybe he won’t have to
Kay AbayakoonKay AbayakoonSubscriber since Aug ‘13
I am a Kiwi, who has been married to a Sri Lankan for 19 years. Really great that you are doing this, I’m already learning some new words to go along with my vocab. Keep it up.
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