Crockery In Sinhala: Plate, Bowl, & Dish (Also, How “Ceramic” Made Me Speak Better English)


Photo Credit: The ekama eka, Mrs. Smart


The first part of the above title is self-explanatory:

You’re obviously going to learn the Sinhala names of crockery items like plate, bowl, and dish.

(Spoiler alert: You’ll also learn the typical crockery material such as glass, paper, and ceramic)

But now, how the hell does ceramic, of all things, make one speak better English?

Well, let me tell y’all a story…

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Spoon, Fork, Knife & Other Cutlery In Sinhala (And Why I Don’t Like Using Them)

Goofy things to do before I die: Pose as Wolverine with cutlery for Adamantium claws. Done!


Apart from the obvious reasons, why else would you need to know the Sinhala words for spoon, fork, and knife?

Well, just think about the number of times you’ve had a meal with a Sri Lankan friend (or if you haven’t, trust me, it’s only a matter of time before you’re invited for a home-cooked Sri Lankan meal. I know how generous my peeps can be).

For such occasions, I’m willing to bet that the topic of cutlery will come up.


Because my friend, we don’t usually eat the way you do.. > > >

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Spices In Sinhala – Part 2: Everything *YOU* Wanted To Say About Spices



In Part 1 of Spices in Sinhala, I asked *YOU* to send in all the spice-related phrases *YOU* could think that may come in handy.

(Make sure you read that post first, friend-o)

I also thought it’d be fun to throw in the “behind-the-scenes-blooper photos” of when we took the above photo. You’ll find it somewhere in the middle of the post.

Alright, lot of new phrases to learn so let’s get this started >>>

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26 Sri Lankan Spices In Sinhala… And How Europe Made Me Eat Spicy Food

sri lankan spices sinhala

Photo Credit: The one-and-only Mrs. Smart


When people usually say “I can’t eat spicy food”, they’re referring to food with a lot of spice, right?


Most often than not, they mean food with a lot of CHILLIES.

For example, turmeric is a spice. Put a lot of turmeric into a curry and no one will be able to eat it.

But for the sake of sticking with the herd, I’m also going to keep referring to food that is booby trapped with chillie as “spicy food”.

(and yeah, that’s how I spell “chillies”, no matter what the spell-checker says).

Before I give you the Sinhala names for 26 spices, here’s how my spice-tolerance level went from “decent” to way-above-average in the most unexpected place > > >

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81 Sinhala Words To Know On A Sri Lankan Beach – Part 2

Sinhala Words Sri Lankan Beach-P2

Still a free thinker. Still a shameless photo poser. Still an obnoxious douchebag


Here’s the 2nd Part of this big fat blog post that I had break into two.

(Click here for Part 1 in case you’ve been a little “too” lazy but smart to have read it before)

In this one, I’ve got more words for you… And I need your help with something too… >>>

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81 Sinhala Words To Know On A Sri Lankan Beach – Part 1

Free thinker. Shameless photo poser. Obnoxious douchebag


Please excuse that guy in the picture, for he knows not what he does…

Which is why he asks his wife to take pics of him posing like an A-grade A-hole.

Bless her for having the serenity to accept the things about her husband that she cannot change, the courage to change the things she can, and the patience to put up with all his vain nonsense.

(All these references… Does it show that I went to an all-boys Catholic school?)

Alright, enough. Let’s focus on the main reason you’re here:

To learn how to show off your Sinhala to locals when you’re on a Sri Lankan beach >>>

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Things You See In The Sky In Sinhala

Things You See In The Sky - Lazy But Smart Sinhala-1


Right about now, most of you are vacationing somewhere for the summer, right?

(PS. Thanks to everyone who took the time off their holidays to say hi and share their holiday photos with me. Have fun!).

So if you find yourself lying on some beach or on the grass in a park and you look up at the sky, I want you to now be able to name what you see in Sinhala.

So let’s begin this “deceptively” light blog post… >>>

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The Verb “Go” | Sinhala Verb Basics

Sinhala Verb Go


“Go” can mean so many things, including (believe it or not) “using the bathroom”. But in this post, this is what I’ll mean when I say “Go”:


“Go” (verb):

Either to move or travel from one place to another (e.g. “I’m going to Sri Lanka”); or

To leave or depart from some place (e.g. “It’s late, I have to go”).


Now here’s how we’re going to learn the present, past, and future tense of “Go” in Sinhala >>>

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The Verb “Take” | Sinhala Verb Basics

sinhala verbs take


So here’s what I mean by “Take” in this post:


“Take” (verb):

Either to grasp something (e.g. “Take my hand”); or

To remove something or someone from a particular location (e.g. “Take the money from my wallet”); or

To consume something (e.g. “Take medicine”).


Now here’s how we’re going to learn the present, past, and future tense of “take” in Sinhala >>>

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