Want to confidently & naturally speak Sinhala with the Sri Lankans in your life but you don't know how to get there?

What if there was a TIME-SAVING, FUN, and PROVEN Sinhala learning system that'll help you...

  • show them the respect & importance you give to the Sri Lankan culture,
  • never feel left out of any conversation in Sinhala,
  • engage with Sri Lankan locals in a friendly & respectful way
  • A step-by-step audio & visual Sinhala learning mega-package that accompanies you from the basic foundations all the way to speaking full phrases.
  • master the pronunciation by hearing how the most frequently used Sinhala words sound
  • learn Sinhala according to your own time schedule (with as little as 13 minutes a day)
  • study it in a way so that you'll never forget what you learned
  • widen your range of "everyday" phrases so that you’ll always know exactly what is being said around you and know how to respond correctly.
Olivier D.

“By the time I reached Chapter 5 I already built enough confidence to start interacting with people in Sinhala. Dilshan gives the right amount of repetition at a fine pace before going to the next level. With my career and my kids, I don’t have much time to learn a new language but his simplified system certainly made a huge difference in my learning progress.”

Olivier D. Vienna, Austria. www.oduboc.com
Ellen K.

“The way Dilshan has broken down the words as well as his audio pronunciation guide has made things so much easier for learning the correct pronunciation now!”

Ellen K. Ratingen, Germany

The story of you and the Sinhala language

Text block 1

"I find that most Sri Lankans speak too fast. Sometimes by the time I have processed what's been said, it's too late to answer."

- Patty S.

"My local friend told me that i can speak fluently in 3 months. It is not that easy. My local friends talk to each other, but I don't understand at all. They talk too fast."

- Sayalay P.

Text block 2

"My (Sri Lankan) mother-in-law recently moved in with us and i am having a huge difficulty understanding what is being said in my home. Sometimes i feel as if they are talking about me. I want to learn and not tell them just to see."

- L

Text block 3

Marisch P.

As a Sri Lankan-American growing up in the U.S. we mainly spoke English at home. Even when my dad asked us anything in Sinhala, we’d respond in English even if we understood what he asked.

Marisch P. New York, USA

Text block 4

"My mother never taught me or my brother Sinhala when we were small, and I'm very sad about that, because it's such an amazing language. I am going to Sri Lanka at least two times a year, that's why I wanna learn the language better."

- Belinda B.

"I have been trying to learn Sinhala for a while as this is where my family is from. My parents never taught me. But now as I'm getting older I have been trying to find a way to learn and finding your material was the best thing."

- James A.

Text block 5

"I have a new found urgency to learn. We have had two babies in the last two years and I’m concerned that if I don’t make some progress I won’t be able to help my husband teach them Sinhala"

- C.W.

Text block 6

Interacting in Sinhala with [XXX]

Text block 7

Marisch P.

As a Sri Lankan-American growing up in the U.S. we mainly spoke English at home. Even when my dad asked us anything in Sinhala, we’d respond in English even if we understood what he asked.

Marisch P. New York, USA

"My (Sri Lankan) mother-in-law recently moved in with us and I am having a huge difficulty understanding what is being said in my home. Sometimes I feel as if they are talking about me. I want to learn and not tell them just to see."

- L.

"My mother never taught me or my brother Sinhala when we were small, and I'm very sad about that, because it's such an amazing language. I am going to Sri Lanka at least two times a year, that's why I wanna learn the language better."

- Belinda B.

"I have been trying to learn Sinhala for a while as this is where my family is from. My parents never taught me. But now as I'm getting older I have been trying to find a way to learn and finding your material was the best thing."

- James A.

Text block 8

"You see, I'm one of those people who can listen/understand basic Sinhala, but am not too adept at actually putting together sentences and speaking it. So I still have a ton of learning to do!"

- A.F.

What about if/when you travel to Sri Lanka?

Because of your interest in Sinhala, there's a chance that you will either make a couple of short visits to Sri Lanka or spend an extended time there (or even live there).

The question is, how is that going to turn out when you don't speak Sinhala? Will you actually need it?

Do you need Sinhala to "survive" in Sri Lanka?

Do you really need to speak Sinhala with Sri Lankan locals?

If you live in Sri Lanka, spend an extended time here, or make regular trips, then you're actually putting yourself at a disadvantage by not knowing Sinhala.

On the other hand, if you're just making just a one-time short touristy trip, and you don't have any Sri Lankan friends or family, then you probably don't "need" it, but you're certainly missing out a rich experience.

Here's what I mean:

Scenario 1: If you're living in Sri Lanka, spending an extended time here, or make regular trips

Regardless of what anyone told you before you got here, you've probably already realized that in the long-term, you absolutely need to know Sinhala to survive everyday life.

Yes, even if you're going to be in the cities.

"Many friends said that I would not need the language (in Colombo). I regret the bad advise. I am recharging my energy to start again as I do need the language."

- Joseph C.

In your own home, you might be already having a hard time getting through to your maid, your driver, or the staff working in your apartment building.

You step out of your home and the problem persists when you go to the shops, or you ask for directions or take a tuk-tuk or taxi.

And although you may have never experienced being cheated on prices and tuk-tuk fares, at the back of your mind you nevertheless worry about being taken advantage of because you don't know the local language.

And speaking on the phone is a nightmare! Getting a simple delivery order right, or giving directions to your place, or booking a doctor's or hair appointment turns into an unnecessarily stressful ordeal. So you often end up asking someone else to do it for you because you already know how messy it's going to get.

Scenario 2: If you're visiting Sri Lanka for a short one-time "touristy" trip.

If going to stick to the tourist path, you’ll always be accompanied with a tour guide, and never venture outside your hotel by yourself, then no, you probably won’t "need" to know Sinhala.

You'll be fine.

However, it'll be a shame since you could be missing out on a rich experience of a lifetime, like how Natasha, another one of my subscribers, told me she had.

"Just being able to greet someone, introduce myself and make my requests known in (initially stilted) Sinhala opened so many doors and really made for some wonderful friendships and great experiences. I was praised on my willingness to give it a go.

I did have to laugh at some of the tuk tuk drivers and market sellers who were briefly taken a back when I told them they were too expensive, that they were trying to rip us off and to give us their best price or we would leave … all in Sinhala). By the end of my short trip I was starting to make jokes in Sinhala and was even catching on to others comments in their conversations.

Just this small amount of your native tongue was enough to have the wonderful, genuine and beautiful world of the Sri Lankan people open up for the willing student.

- Natasha R.

Wouldn't you like to have the same experience that she did?

I know I would, no matter where I travel on holiday. I mean, I'm already spending so much money on the trip, I might as well make a tiny effort and make it something I'll remember for the rest of my life.

Hi, you know a little bit about me already.

I’m Dilshan and I've been helping thousands of my students from around 115 countries learn Sinhala for over 6 years now.

Those who know me well, know that I’m obsessed with simplifying complicated things, and taming the beast that is Sinhala what I’m most passionate about.

I spend hours coming up with systems that’ll save time for my students while still helping them achieve their goals with the minimum needed effort.


"Enough is enough!"

All these limitations and frustrations kept piling up until one day it nudged you over the edge to do something about it and finally learn Sinhala. But that's when you started to discover the challenges that came with it.

See if you can resonate with any of the following 7 reasons why most people abandon their Sinhala learning goals.


The top 7 reasons why most people give up learning Sinhala

1. They just can’t find the time to learn it:

They’ve got work, studies, or day-to-day life to deal with. No matter how much they prioritize Sinhala, they just can’t manage to find the time to sit down and do something about it.

They plan to get to it at the end of day for it but at night they’re just too exhausted to learn something new. Instead they watch some TV or Netflix, do some light reading, or they just crash into bed early.

2. And those who have time, waste it by trying to make their own home-made learning “system”:

Some of those rare people who have all the time in the world take the decision to teach themselves Sinhala.

Fair enough, if you look in the right places, there is an ocean of Sinhala material out there, some of them even free. They could go through all the information they get online, make their own notes, their own summaries, their own pronunciation files, and they might actually learn to speak it.

More power to them.

However, the first major drawback with this approach is that it could take longer than necessary, sometimes years, because they’ll be making their own mistakes along the way and be forced to make numerous U-turns to get back on track.

Then it’s a matter of the accuracy of the info they get. How much do you trust what you get for free on the net today? They’ll start seeing different words or grammar rules being used by different sources and now there’s uncertainty as to which one is correct.

Instead, the smarter move in today’s busy world would be to let others with experience in the Sinhala language do all the hard work and heavy lifting. Let them make mistakes, test and refine what they’ve learned, and produce a PROVEN SYSTEM that will get the job done for you once and for all.

Don't build a car from scratch when you can buy it from a trusted manufacturer.

3. They easily forget what they just learned:

Let’s say that a busy individual somehow pulled off a miracle and managed to find time to study Sinhala.

And guess what? They actually learned something in that first sitting! They’re happy.

But then they get back to it the same time the next day and sadly realize that “Uh oh”, they’ve forgotten most of it already!

Now they need to go back to that same lesson and revise. By the time they’re done revising, they only have a little time left to learn anything new.

When this happens a couple of times, they start feeling demotivated because they feel like they’re stuck in the same place.

4. They’re not confident about their pronunciation:

They struggle with how most Sinhala words sound and are not sure how to repeat them. This could make even the most self-confident person hesitant to speak because now they’re self-conscious.

What if they’re misunderstood? What if they get laughed at, even if it’s in a friendly way? Or worse, what if they say something wrong and offend someone?

They need to hear each word being said out loud by someone reliable whom they can trust or they’re never going to be confident that this is the right way to say it.

5. They don't have a solid foundation of grammar:

The Sinhala grammar rules might be different to the languages the people are familiar with. So if they don’t build a solid foundation of this “new and weird” grammar right at the beginning, they’re going to be on shaky ground whenever they try to speak.

While they may know many Sinhala words, when they then try to put them into a sentence, they end up speaking broken Sinhala.

The flow of the language doesn't come naturally to them and at some point they just get exhausted by having to think so hard before getting a basic sentence right.

6. "It's taking too damn long" (when it shouldn't):

While most people don’t have an “end-date” for when they will stop learning Sinhala, they still want to reach certain milestones at given intervals. It keeps their motivation high.

For example, 2 weeks after starting to learn it if they still only know how to say “owu”, “nae”, and “hari”, this is not going to encourage them that much to go further.

They need quick results that they can immediately put to use. They need “early wins”.

And when this does not happen, once again this leads them to that debilitating feeling of feeling stuck in the same place.

7. Their self-confidence takes an (unnecessary) beating:

Because of all these frustrations we just saw, they now start questioning their own capability and start wondering if it’s a problem with the Sinhala language or if it's them. As in, are they really this bad at learning a new language?

Despite the effort they're putting into learning Sinhala, you find that they still don't understand most of what's being said around them.

Slowly (and most often, without their knowledge) their confidence has begun to crack and the're left with a feeling of hopelessness when it comes to learning to speak Sinhala.

This is the final nail in the coffin because most people who reach this point will find it very challenging to get back on track. In all the years I've been doing this, I've rarely seen them come back.


But I've got some good news for you, my friend.

It doesn't have to be like this for you!

What if didn’t have to be this way?

For the next 2 minutes, give yourself permission to postpone your self-doubt and skepticism for later and instead imagine the following “dream” scenario...

I promise you, I’ll let you get back to the safe yet boring world of being “realistic” after that, ok? :)

Text block 10

"Being in Europe, it is nice to have that secret language that you and your wife can talk in and most people do not understand.."

- Daniel W.

Text block 11

Text block 12

Being in Sri Lanka as someone who speaks like a local:

Whether it's with the people you meet every day or the locals you'll meet when traveling around Sri Lanka, you’re speaking to them entirely in Sinhala.

Not only are they surprised at how well you speak it but they also don’t believe you when you tell them that you learned it only recently, and that too from an online course!

Bargaining with market sellers, taking taxis and tuk-tuks around town, and asking or giving directions to people have become such an easy task for you that you don't need to rely on anyone else but yourself.

Your confidence is back!

You are a different person, there’s no denying it. It turns out you are good at languages after all.

Simply overcoming this challenge of learning what you thought was a “difficult” language like Sinhala has done wonders to your confidence.

You stand tall, you walk different, you talk differently… well, a different language, at least :)

Text block 13

This dream scenario of speaking "good-enough" Sinhala is closer to you than you think.

All you need is a proven Sinhala learning system that'll get you there in a time-saving, fun, and effortless way.


1500 Lazy But Smart Sinhala Words & Phrases

A proven system that has been tested & refined over 5 years to help you learn to understand & speak the most frequently used words & phrases in Sinhala today.

  • Ultra-simplified & absolute-necessary content:
  • Every lesson or chapter has been carefully boiled down to it's most simplified state.
  • Most of the questions and common stumbling blocks that a new learner would run into have been preemptively explained within the lesson.
  • Get the most out of whatever time you dedicate to it by only focusing on what is absolutely necessary at the particular stage you are in.
  • 50 chapters including key chapters such as:
  • "Visiting your Sri Lankan friends at home"
  • "Wishing your friends"
  • "Going out with the gang"
  • "Finding your way in a city like Colombo"
  • "Using public transport"
  • "Going shopping (and not getting ripped off)"
  • Designed as a self-study course:
  • Unlike in a class or with a tutor, you can pause your lesson at any point and attend to whatever urgent thing that may have popped up.
  • Never be forced to depend on anyone but yourself.
  • Never have to adjust to someone else’s schedule.
  • Pre-tested and continuously improved:
  • 2 years of research to ensure that what you'll learn is correct and grammatically "bullet proof".
  • 6 Months of extensive testing with a team of “beta testers" made up of existing subscribers and revised accordingly before it was released.
  • Continues to be fine-tuned and further enhanced through a continuous feedback loop from current users.
Basil J.

“Rather than just presenting a pile of knowledge in this package, Dilshan has instead thought in advance of the problems a beginner like myself might be on the verge of having and he’s lead us through it with a caring hand.”

Basil J. Berlin, Germany

What makes 1500 LBSS Words & Phrases any different?

  1. It is designed primarily for busy people who DON'T HAVE A LOT OF FREE TIME for learning Sinhala.

This package is different because it...

  • Let you kill "2 birds with 1 stone" by learning Sinhala while you're doing other tasks like driving, walking, household chores, or commuting to work.
  • Asks for less than 15 minutes a day from you.
  • Makes sure that you get the most out of whatever time you dedicate to it by only focusing on what is absolutely necessary.

"I'm studying the first 5 chapters of the premium edition I've purchased last week and I've already started to create some little sentences of my own. I feel confident enough to tell my husband's family few words and it means the world to me so big thank you!!!"

- Marie C.

  1. Allows you to LEARN AT YOUR OWN SPEED so that you don’t need to adjust to the schedule of anyone but yours.

This package is different because it...

  • Lets you, and only you, decide when you want to study.
  • Allow you to put the lesson on hold at any given time if something should come up.
  • Is designed in a way that you can pick up where you left off whenever you’re ready and are able to give it your full attention again.

  1. Teaches ACCURATE & PRACTICAL SINHALA so that you always speak it with 100% confidence.

This package is different because it...

  • Took all the time that was required to be planned & built rather than something that was churned out in a hurry.
  • Was tested multiple times with students and revised accordingly before it was finally released to the public.
  • Continues to be fine-tuned and further enhanced through a continuous feedback loop from current users.
  • Is from a credible source whose other material you've already tried and found useful and, as a result, have grown to trust.

  1. Equips you with a WIDE SELECTION OF SINHALA WORDS & PHRASES that you can use in a given situation.

This package is different because it...

  • Gives you at least 15 different scenarios (such as when shopping, using public transport, eating out, getting romantic with your partner, etc.) and the most practical & effective phrases to use in each of them.
  • Helps you pick and choose the specific scenarios that are most relevant to you (and ignore all the rest).
  • Is presented in a way which will help you understand the structure of sentences and improvise rather than only forcing you to memorize each of them.

  1. Helps you MASTER THE CORRECT SINHALA PRONUNCIATION and be confident about how you sound.

This package is different because it...

  • Enables you to listen to me, a native Sinhala speaker, reading the words & phrases so that you’ll know, without a shadow of doubt, that this exactly how a local would say it.
  • I articulate each syllable in a crisp clear high-quality audio. I am not some smart-ass who likes showing off how easily these words come to me.
  • Allows you to pause and repeat after hearing the words.
  • Allows you to also listen to me over and over again (as many times as it takes) until you nail it to perfection.
  • Breaks through all your doubts & fears once and for all of how you’ll sound to others.

  1. Gives you TOOLS TO HELP YOU REMEMBER what you learned so that you always keep moving forward.

This package is different because it...

  • Gives you the optimal amount of repetition without making it tedious & boring for you.
  • Recaps "all that you need to know" on 1 page of what you learned in a specific chapter before moving onto the next step.

  1. STARTS YOU OFF SLOWLY AND GRADUALLY BUILDS ON WHAT YOU KNOW so you can easily digest new information.

This package is different because it...

  • Eases you in gently with no intention of bombarding you with unnecessarily complex information.
  • Only teaches you what you need to know at that specific stage of your learning.
  • Guides you along each step of the way from start to finish so that you always learn the right thing in the right order.
  • Crafts every lesson in a way to make sure that you keep coming back.

  1. Shows you upfront A CLEAR "ROAD MAP" OF THE ENTIRE COURSE so that you don’t feel lost at any point.

This package is different because it...

  • Shows a clear map of the entire "journey" you're about to take even before you take your first step.
  • Prevents you from veering off the path by checking in with you at regular intervals to show you what you're currently learning, what you previously learned, and to prepare you for what you're about to learn in the next section.
  • Shows you at every single point how far you've come, which encourages your motivation.

  1. Allows you to LEARN ON YOUR OWN so that you don’t have to depend on anyone else.

This package is different because it...

  • Has been designed for self-study.
  • Guides you each step of the way, from start to finish.
  • Through constant research of the common stumbling blocks, has tackled most of yours questions preemptively so that you don't need to trouble anyone. 

"My boyfriend is Sri Lankan but not the best teacher :) but he’s very impressed with what I’ve learned with you so far."

- F.R.

  1. Gives you the OPTION OF GOING BEYOND THE BASICS if you want.

This package is different because it...

  • Not only gives you basic vocabulary & number tables but also links you to extended tables with more words and numbers for you to use.
  • Provides you with synonyms for certain words which you can choose to remember or just ignore and move on.
  • Gives you supplementary notes on the phrases you're learning that you can save for later in case you're feeling too overwhelmed with that specific content.

  1. BUILDS YOUR CONFIDENCE WITH EACH LESSON so that you stay motivated until you reach your goal.

This package is different because it...

  • Guarantees immediate results (as early as on day 1) by teaching you useful information & tools that you can actually start using when speaking to people.
  • Where every lesson or chapter has been carefully simplified to prevent typical points of confusion.
  • Has gone through rigorous testing and research to make sure that what you're learning is correct and grammatically "bullet proof".


This package is different because it...

  • Although it's primary focus is not to teach you to read or write, every word or phrase in the book is additionally written in Sinhala.
  • Also comes with a handy Sinhala script reference guide that you can look up to identify the characters used.
  • Helps you passively familiarize yourself with the Sinhala script without making a direct effort.
  • Trains your eye to recognize recurring characters & patterns
  • Enable you to attempt copying & writing the words on your own when you feel ready.
Dorothy H.

“I am happy to say that my ongoing Sinhala script problem has now been solved by using Dilshan’s 1500 Words & Phrases Premium package…. Just what I wanted to make it all clearer for me.”

Dorothy H. Sheffield, England

Look inside: 1500 Lazy But Smart Sinhala Words & Phrases

This package includes 3 primary elements:

Let's now see what you get inside each Element:


Element #1:

Premium Phrasebook

350+ pages

This program accompanies you through 5 sections:

  • Each section prepares you for what you're about to learn in the next.
  • Every lesson keeps slowly increasing in difficulty.
  • You are guided along each step of the way from start to finish.

Here are the chapters inside each section:

Inside Section 1:

Easing you into this awesome language

  • Starts with the Sinhala words you already know (but had no idea that you did!).
  • Gives you the basic words for responding to people.
  • Teaches you 2 main elements needed for forming basic sentences in Sinhala.

Inside Section 2:

Building on what you just learned

  • Focuses mainly on building sentences.
  • Expands on the personal pronouns & verbs that you saw in Section 1.

Inside Section 3:

Learning the most often used words

  • Learn how to speak while pointing.
  • Learn how to ask questions.
  • BONUS CHAPTER: A list of 16 short slang terms used by locals in everyday conversation.

Inside Section 4:

Turbo boosting your vocabulary

  • Focuses primarily on rapidly expanding your vocabulary.
  • Shows how these new words are used in real-life sentences.
  • BONUS CHAPTER: All the main words & phrases related to the major religions in Sri Lanka, places of worship, religious figures & deities, priests, and activities & holidays.

Inside Section 5:

Specific phrases for specific situations

  • Teaches you the most practical & effective phrases to use in the 19 specific situations.
  • Designed as in a "Choose your adventure" style where you don't need to read these chapters in order.
  • BONUS CHAPTER: How to speak with a Buddhist priest, including the "special" words we use.

A 3rd column showing the Sinhala Script for every word & phrase:

  • a 3rd column where you'll see every Sinhala word & phrase written in the Sinhala script.

End of chapter summaries:

At the end of each chapter, you'll find a "lazy but smart summary" of the following key takeaways from that specific chapter:

  • Top 5 words: The 5 words that I think are the most useful for you.
  • Top 3 phrases:: The 3 phrases which I think are the most frequently used.
  • Extras: List of tables in the chapter, links to extended bonus tables in the appendix, and links to external blog posts which were referenced in the chapter.

Intermediary summaries in "tricky" chapters:

  • The Difficult chapters that were identified during the testing phases have been broken down into smaller pieces.
  • Recap of "here's what we know so far".

Extended tables:

  • 42 bonus extended tables in the appendix section.
  • These extended tables contain even more words & numbers than the tables included in the course.

Element #2:

Premium Audio Book

Total duration: 5 hours

(Ipod not included, obviously...)

Consists of 54 audio files with total playing time of 5 hours.

Listen to Sample
  • Can be easily downloaded onto your mobile phones, tablets, or USB drives and listened to while on the move.

This will help you to...

  • Cleverly utilize your "idle" time by listening to chapters while driving, walking, doing household chores, or commuting to work.
  • Make it a fun group activity by listening to it with others in your family also interested in learning Sinhala.

All the pronunciation is done by me.

  • Every syllable has been carefully articulated.
  • Read at "normal" speed as opposed to the "lightning" speed most people speak at.
  • But at the same time not read out in a patronizingly slow speed.

This will help you to...

  • Know, without a shadow of doubt, how exactly a local would say all the words & phrases.
  • Understand every word clearly without having to ask "What did he just say?".
  • Not get bored like you perhaps did when listening to other Sinhala learning resources due to their ultra slow speed.
  • Avoid being misunderstood, unintentionally offending someone, get ridiculed for your accent, and never wondering “Am I saying this right?”.

High quality audio.

  • Recorded using high quality materials in a quiet environment

This will help you to...

  • Hear every word clearly.
  • Avoid irritating your ears due to crackling or distortion.

Audio files that can be paused allowing you to control your study pace.

  • When studying by yourself using audio files you have the freedom to pause the audio at anytime for whatever reason.

This will help you to...

  • Repeat after listening to a word or phrase until you nail the pronunciation to perfection.
  • Go back anytime you come across a tough word or phrase until you fully understand it.

Element #3:

Sinhala Script Guide

10-page supplement

Sinhala script reference tables for Sinhala vowels, primary & secondary consonants, and other characters.

  • References all the main characters you'll see in the course and lists all the variations.

This will help you to...

  • Look up to identify any of the strange Sinhala characters used in the 3rd column.
  • Train your eye to recognize recurring characters & patterns.
  • Familiarize yourself with the Sinhala script.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this package suitable for anyone wanting to learn Sinhala?
    No, absolutely not. This learning package is for anyone who has a long-term interest to learn Sinhala with a strong burning “why?” behind it. Don’t waste your money otherwise.

  • Will this package be too advanced for me?
    I designed this book specifically for beginners & intermediates who are feeling stuck.

  • Instead of buying this, can’t I learn Sinhala on my own?
    There’s a lot of free material out there in the world, including on my site. But with all the free information, the question to ask yourself is how come you still haven’t made the progress you wanted? I’ll tell you why. It’s because it’s not just about information. It’s about following a system that has been tested for years and has got results for people before you.

  • What if I get my Sri Lankan spouse, partner, friend, butcher, baker, or candlestick maker to teach me?
    My clients who initially asked someone to teach Sinhala have told me that they soon realized that although the language comes naturally to some of these Sri Lankans, it might not be that simple for them to teach it. You can’t really blame them, can you? They might be good at a lot of things but they might not have the experience to deconstruct and teach the language. Also do they have the time to set aside to teach you and answer every question you have or translate everything your want? For how long will they be able to do that?

"I am finding it a lot more simple learning off you than I do when my boyfriend tries to teach me.... He's a bit frustrating cause he forgets that I can't listen as fast as he speaks."

- S.V.
  • Will it focus a lot on the Sinhala script? I don’t need to learn it right now.
    It's true that each key word & phrase is also written in Sinhala. You'll also get a separate Sinhala script guide. However, this is simply to familiarize yourself with it and not teach it to you. I have other books that do that.

  • Do I also get an actual printed book delivered to me?
    No, this is 100% digital. Which means that you as soon as you pay, you can access your purchase and start learning Sinhala immediately. No more waiting for a delivery.

  • But I’m old fashioned and I like books. Do you sell this in printed form too?
    No, I intentionally don’t. I am focusing on delivering maximum value to my readers and didn’t want a thing like printing costs restricting how much content I can add.

  • In that case, can I print the ebook?
    Sure you can. I have enabled printing on ALL pages. Not only the ebook, you can also print the Sinhala script guide. However, I'd recommend selectively printing only the sections you need since the ebook is HUGE with a lot of useful content.

Meg A.

“…I’ve also printed it out to easily take with me on our travels.”

Meg A. San Francisco, California, USA
  • Can I pay you through a bank transfer? Or can I meet you somewhere near a dark alley and pay cash?
    No. I only accept online payments through debit cards, credit cards, and PayPal (the payment processor allows this for certain countries). Also, I’m scared of the dark.

  • When I pay by card, will my card details fall into the evil hands of ruthless criminals?
    First of all, I NEVER get to see your credit card number. My payment processor is the widely used U.S. based company 2checkout, one of the leaders in the industry. Their systems securely communicate with your bank who will ultimately check everything and authorize the payment.

  • Will people laugh if I use these words & phrases? How do I know if they’re correct?
    I've strictly used only everyday-good-ole'-fashioned Sinhala spoken by the typical local. They might smile with admiration but they won't laugh. I promise.

  • Will people still laugh at my accent?
    There's 5 hours of audio, where I read out each and every key word and phrase. Just repeat my pronunciation a couple of times and you'll be golden.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

    Having said that.. I’ll tell you what one of those gorgeous Monaco ladies told me on a date when she noticed I was self-conscious about my accent when speaking French. She said “Embrace your original accent when you speak. You’ll probably never get rid of it entirely anyway. And thank god for that because it adds so much to your charm”. True story :)

  • Do I need to install anything to use this?
    There's no "installing" to be done.The package is a zip file that you download onto your computer and you open and immediately start learning. That's it. If you do have any trouble, you can ALWAYS email me and I'll guide you step by step as I’ve done for a number of my students. I won't leave you hanging.​​​​​​​​

  • What if I’m not happy with my purchase because it’s not all that you claim it to be?
    Fair question. That’s exactly why I have a no-risk money-back guarantee. See below:

Try "1500 Lazy But Smart Sinhala Words & Phrases" for a full 30-days, 100% risk-free

My Refund Policy: If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, email me within 30 days from the purchase date and my Company will fully refund the cost of your order.

In any financial transaction, there's always an inherent risk.

For the buyer: "Once I pay for it, am I going to get stuck with a piece of crap?"
For the seller: "Once I send them the product, am I going to get paid?"

As someone who stands confidently behind the effectiveness of this learning package, I am happy to take on ALL of the risk.

Linda V.

“I must say I am very happy to have bought this package and I love Dilshan’s incredible way of teaching Sinhala in it. I’m very excited and he’s done a fantastic job as always. Thanks Dilshan for all the great work and effort you have put into this! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!”

Linda V. Netherlands
Ellen K.

“Well done, Dilshan! You have definitely acquired another dedicated LBSS customer and fan.”

Ellen K. Ratingen, Germany
Meg A.

“All of Dilshan’s charts, diagrams, funny images are a tremendous help to understand how the language is organized and it helps stick in my brain better too.”

Meg A. San Francisco, USA
Basil J.

“This package is well considered and well written. This also brings me to a personal description of Dilshan: He is infectious. And he obviously wants to be. Thanks again Dilshan for your unique approach.”

Basil J. Berlin, Germany

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