The 10 Most Popular

Lazy But Smart Sinhala Posts

"Why would they pay for something that they already get for free?"

- Asked by my wife, when I told her I'm putting my "Top 10" blog posts into one premium package

"Because I've designed & included 5 Modules they specifically requested, which you won't find anywhere else on my blog."

- Said proudly with a cocky smile as I began to show her the 5 Modules

Here they are:

Module #1:  Offline Edition With Sinhala Script

  • A compilation of my 10 Most Popular blog posts based on views, shares, & content value that can be accessed anytime, even without an internet connection
  • 10 chapters, one per blog post
  • An additional 3rd column with the Sinhala script for all key words & phrases
  • The 3 most helpful questions & answers to save you the pain of sifting through the hundreds of them
  • A summary of all keywords used in each chapter
  • word-by-word breakdown of every Sinhala letter used in each post to help you gradually recognize words written in Sinhala

Module #2:  Complete Audio Book

  • Each blog post in its entirety read out by myself so that you can listen to it while driving your car or doing the dishes.

Module #3:  Complete Sinhala Script Analysis

  • An in-depth summary of each Sinhala character used in all 10 posts and the words they were seen in

Module #4:  Complete Vocabulary Index

  • A list of all the words you saw, sorted in an alphabetical index for quick reference

Module #5:  Vocabulary Index Audio

  • Each keyword read out twice with pauses in-between to let you repeat after me and retain them in your memory

BONUS ELEMENT:  Complete Flashcards Flipbook

  • Offline flashcards to help you revise all the words & phrases you saw in the 10 posts

One last thing you should know:

My Refund Policy: If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, within 30 days from the purchase date, my Company will fully refund the cost of your order.

Sounds fair, right?


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