LBSS 03: I Love You in Sinhala & 7 More Romantic Lines To Annoy Your Boyfriend [AUDIO BLOG]


Lazy But Smart Sinhala Podcast - Session 3

In this 3rd session of the Lazy But Smart Sinhala Podcast, I do an audio narration of one my previous blog posts.

(Before listening to this you might want to check out Session 01 first…)

You will learn how to say lovey-dovey lines such as:

  1. “I love you” and related phrases
  2. “I’m thinking of you” and related phrases
  3. “I miss you” and related phrases
  4. “My heart belongs only to you”
  5. “You are my life/gold/treasure”
  6. “I like you”
  7. Pet names to call each other


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Sinhala Phrases used in this session

1. “I love you” and related phrases

ma∙mȧ  o∙yaa∙tȧ  aa∙dhȧ∙réyi “I love you”
ma∙mȧ  o∙yaa∙tȧ  go∙dak/huňgak  aa∙dhȧ∙réyi “I love you a lot”
ma∙mȧ  o∙yaa∙tȧ  ma∙gé  pa∙nȧ∙tath  va∙daa  aa∙dhȧ∙réyi “I love you even more than my life”
o∙yaa  ma∙tȧ  aa∙dhȧ∙réyi∙dhȧ? “Do you love me?”


2. “I’m thinking of you” and related phrases

ma∙mȧ  o∙yaa  gæ∙nȧ  hi∙thȧ∙nȧ∙va “I’m thinking of you”
ma∙mȧ  o∙yaa  gæ∙nȧ  hæ∙mȧ this∙sé∙mȧ  hi∙thȧ∙nȧ∙va “I’m always thinking of you”
ma∙tȧ  o∙yaa∙vȧ  ni∙thȧ∙rȧ∙mȧ  ma∙thak  vé∙nȧ∙va “I often remember you” / “You often cross my mind”


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3. “I miss you” and related phrases

ma∙tȧ  o∙yaa∙vȧ  ‘miss’  vé∙nȧ∙va “I miss you”
ma∙tȧ  o∙yaa∙vȧ  go∙dak  ‘miss’  vé∙nȧ∙va “I miss you a lot”


4. “My heart belongs only to you”

ma∙gé  ha∙dhȧ∙vȧ∙thȧ  ayi∙thi  o∙yaa∙tȧ  vi∙thȧ∙rayi “My heart belongs only to you”


5. “You are my life/gold/treasure”

o∙yaa  ma∙gé  pa∙nȧ “You are my life”
o∙yaa  ma∙gé  rath∙thȧ∙ran “You are my gold”
o∙yaa  ma∙gé  vas∙thu∙wȧ “You are my treasure”


6. “I like you”

ma∙mȧ  o∙yaa∙tȧ  kæ∙mȧ∙thi “I like you”


7. “Pet names to call each other”

pæ∙ti∙ya / pæ∙ti∙yo (Word describing any type of baby animal)
ba∙baa “Baby”

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