LBSS 06: Your Age in Sinhala – Part (1/2) [AUDIO TUTORIAL]


age in sinhala

This is Part 1 of the Audio Tutorial “Your Age in Sinhala”.

You’ll need to listen to the previous Audio Tutorials to fully understand what’s going on here.

In Part 1 we’ll look at:

  • Some new personal pronouns (plural “you”, “they”, formal “you”, and “we”)
  • Their possessives (plural “your”, “their”, formal “your”, and “our”)

(By the way, I’ve moved the sample dialogue and Q&A to Part 2 – I think it’s more effective that way).


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Sinhala Video Tutorial - Ep-04


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Key Sinhala Words and Phrases Used In This Session

Section 1: Some New Personal Pronouns


Indicator “la”Converts most personal pronouns into its plural form
o∙yaa∙laInformal & Pural “you” (“you all” or “y’all”)
o∙bȧFormal “you”
o∙bȧ∙laFormal & Plural “you”


o∙yaa∙la   ko∙ho∙mȧ∙dhȧ?“How (are) you(pl)?”
a∙pi   hoňdhin   in∙nȧ∙va“We (are) fine”
é∙yaa∙la   shree  lan∙kaa∙vén“They (are) from Sri Lanka”
o∙yaa∙la   os∙trḗ∙li∙yaa∙vén∙dhȧ?“(Are) you(pl) from Australia?”
o∙bȧ   os∙trḗ∙li∙yaa∙vén∙dhȧ?“(Are) you(fml) from Australia?”
o∙bȧ∙la   os∙trḗ∙li∙yaa∙vén∙dhȧ?“(Are) you(fml;pl) from Australia?”


Section 2: The Possessives Of These New Personal Pronouns


o∙yaa∙la∙géInformal & Pural “your”
o∙bȧ∙géFormal “your”
o∙bȧ∙la∙géFormal & Plural “your”


a∙pḗ   ra∙tȧ   shree  lan∙kaa∙vȧ“Our country (is) Sri Lanka”
o∙yaa∙la∙gé   ra∙tȧ   mo∙kak∙dhȧ?“What (is) your(pl) country?”
o∙bȧ∙gé   ra∙tȧ   mo∙kak∙dhȧ?“What (is) your(fml) country?”
o∙bȧ∙la∙gé   ra∙tȧ   mo∙kak∙dhȧ?“What (is) your(fml;pl) country?”
é∙yaa∙la∙gé   ra∙tȧ   én∙gȧ∙lan∙thȧ∙yȧ“Their country (is) England”


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