LBSS 04: Introducing Yourself in Sinhala [AUDIO TUTORIAL]


learn sinhala podcast - session 4

In this session I do an Audio Tutorial on Introducing Yourself in Sinhala

You’ll need to listen to the first Audio Tutorial (Session 02) in order to understand this one better.

This is the 4th session of the Lazy But Smart Sinhala Podcast and in this you will learn:

  • The possessives of some pronouns we already saw
  • 2 easy ways to introduce yourself
  • How to ask someone their name
  • How to say “thank you” and “I’m fine, thank you”

And like in the previous Audio Tutorial, at the end of the session we’ll go through a sample dialogue between you and me and I’ll ask you some questions on the material we just covered.


(Click on the video below to watch the Video Tutorial version of this post):

Sinhala Video Tutorial - Ep-02


Key Sinhala Words and Phrases Used In This Session

Section 1: Basic Possessives of Personal Pronouns


o∙yaa∙géInformal “your”
mi∙ni∙ha“man” / “the man”
mi∙ni∙ha∙gé“man’s” / “the man’s”
bal∙la“dog” / “the dog”
bal∙la∙gé“dog’s” / “the dog’s”


Section 2: 2 Ways to Introduce Yourself in Sinhala




ma∙gé   na∙mȧ   [‘Dilshan’]“My name (is) [Dilshan]”
o∙yaa∙gé   na∙mȧ   [‘Dilshan’]“Your name (is) [Dilshan]”
é∙yaa∙gé   na∙mȧ   [‘Dilshan’]“His/her name (is) [Dilshan]”
ma∙mȧ   [‘Dilshan’]“I (am) [‘Dilshan’]
o∙yaa   [‘Dilshan’]“You (are) [‘Dilshan’]
é∙yaa   [‘Dilshan’]“He/she (is) [‘Dilshan’]



Section 3: Asking Someone Their Name




o∙yaa∙gé   na∙mȧ   mo∙kak∙dhȧ?“What (is) your name?”
é∙yaa∙gé   na∙mȧ   mo∙kak∙dhȧ?“What (is) his/her name?”
ma∙gé   na∙mȧ   mo∙kak∙dhȧ?“What (is) my name?”


Section 4: The word for “Thank You” in Sinhala


is∙thoo∙thi“Thank you”


ma∙mȧ   hoňdin in∙nȧ∙va,   is∙thoo∙thi“I (am) fine, thank you”
hoňdin in∙nȧ∙va,   is∙thoo∙thi“Fine, thank you””


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  1. jis August 15, 2013 at 09:40 #

    Thank you for the lesson again. I was wondering whether in Sinhala the plural form of I and He which are We and They exist or not. If they do, please state’em.

  2. Thaniyo December 27, 2013 at 11:35 #

    Thanks for the lesson.
    I am still hoping to get the ebook with Sinhala phrases???
    If you sent me one I would really really really be grateful.

    is thoo thi

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