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Lazy But Smart Summary: Ma∙mȧ vs Ma∙tȧ – Part 1 & 2

Here’s one more of those world famous* Lazy But Smart Summaries of  Part 1 & Part 2 of Ma∙mȧ vs Ma∙tȧ, which Oprah Winfrey included in her “Top 10 things to do before you die” list.


*Legal disclaimer: It’s not world famous, Oprah has never heard of me, and there are a million better things to do before you die than read a Summary of 2 Sinhala posts – but read it anyway.

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Ma∙mȧ vs Ma∙tȧ – Part 2: When Used With The Verb “Giving” In Sinhala


2 goals I try to accomplish whenever I explain something complicated to someone:

  1. “Early wins” – I always start off simple & easy so as to not scare that person away (as Charlie Sheen would say, “Winning!”)
  2. “Min. Effort / Max. Results” – I try to cover as much ground as possible with the least amount that I teach (“more bang for your buck”)

Which is why, my dear Tribesters, today I decided to show you – in 4 STEPS – how ‘ma∙mȧ’ and ‘ma∙tȧ’ behave when it meets the verb “giving” in Sinhala.

(Hopefully, I’m going to give your buck more bang than it bargained for… in a manner of speaking of course) > > >

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Ma∙mȧ vs Ma∙tȧ: When To Use Which In Sinhala – Part 1 – “Definitions”

Photo Credit: The referee of my life who always keeps me on track, “Mrs. Smart”


Tell me if this is true?

When you first read through my Sinhala phrasebook that I gave you for free (coz I’m awesome like that), chances are that you had the following monologue inside your head:

  • Hmm… According to this example, “I am Dilshan” in Sinhala is “ma∙mȧ Dilshan”…
  • “So… ‘ma∙mȧ’ must mean “I”, right?
  • Let me check the notes… yep, correct! “I’m a bleeping starboy!”
  • But wait, what the flipping firetruck is this word ‘ma∙tȧ’?!!
  • …and why is Dilshan using it instead of ‘ma∙mȧ’ for phrases like “I want” and “I can”?!!
  • Why the hell can’t he do a post explaining this?
  • I hate Dilshan now. Even if he is such a magnificent specimen of a human being…


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Do We Use “Articles” In Sinhala? Is There An Equivalent To “The”, “A”, & “An”?

dilshan jayasinha

Most of you who’ve known me for a while know that I’m not a big fan of all these fancy “grammar” words…

And so I try my best to avoid them. I’m not just talking about weird sounding words like “Subjunctive” or “Gerund” but even simple things likes “Articles”.


Simply because most of the time, I need to look it up to know what on earth it means (See, told you I was not a “teacher”).

But sometimes, I can’t get around them and have to use them. This is one of those posts, so bear with me. But just know that although I’ll be saying “Articles” throughout the post, I’m simply referring to the words “The”, “A”, & “An”…

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Do Any Of You Know These Adjectives In Sinhala? (Because I Sure As Hell Don’t!)

sinhala adjectives - lazy but smart sinhala-3

Yes, every time I get stuck, I do what any narcissistic blogger would do: I get my photo taken

Yeah, I know. It’s weird that I’m asking you a question on Sinhala but I’m royally stuck and I need your help…

(But note, I’m not looking for the ‘proper’ Sinhala word that you’ll only see in a high-brow Sinhala literature book. I only want good old fashioned ‘spoken Sinhala’ suggestions. Take your haughty taughty pretentious Sinhala vocabulary to some other blog… :))

  • boring
  • clumsy
  • exciting
  • passive
  • creepy
  • resourceful

If you know any of them, please click on “Comments” below and tell me. Thanks you guys!


Sinhala Adjectives – Part 2… But (gulp) Is It Better Than The First One?!

Sinhala Adjectives P2 - lazy but smart sinhala-2

Photo Credits: Awesome Father
Shitty Photoshopping Of My Shirt Color To Orange: erm… that would be me…

In a world where most sequels suck greasy marshamallows compared to their originals (except for “The Godfather” and “Back To The Future”) I’ll admit, I did feel some pressure when doing Part 2 of Sinhala Adjectives…

But luckily, it didn’t last long since I’m one cocky dude who thinks no end of himself…

(You see my problem?! It’s saying dumb nonsense like this that puts all this unnecessary pressure on me in the first place)

Anyway, my dear folks… How are you? :)

I’m hoping that you’ve already read Part 1 of Sinhala Adjectives… But if you haven’t, no worries, I’ve done this in a way that you’ll still be able to follow it.

Too many new things to learn in this post for me to do my usual time-wasting monologue. So let’s get right into it.

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The Laziest Way To Learn Sinhala Adjectives (And My First Attempt At a “Combo” Post)

Sinhala Adjectives - lazy but smart sinhala-2

Photo Credits: Awesome Father
(Taken at 8.30 a.m. on a Sunday morning. Explains the sleepy eyes & the f***ed up smile)


So here it is. I’m about to show you why learning Sinhala adjectives is as easy as posing for a blog photo on an early Sunday morning…

You’ll also notice that I’ve tried a couple of new things:

  1. A “Combo” Post where I’ve combined 2 previous posts to introduce you to Sinhala Adjectives
  2. A new interactive tool to test what you learned – but this is only for you good kids who read the entire blog post until the end, ok?

(Sidenote: I just Googled “Combo post” and didn’t find it being used anywhere, at least not in this context. So I own this word now!).

Ok, now let’s go tackle the big dark scary monster known as “Sinhala Adjectives” (no one calls it that, I just wanted to be over-dramatic)…

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“To”, “For, & “From” with Sinhala Personal Pronouns

To For From SinhalaI’m going to make 2 assumptions:

  1. That you’ve already read my post on Sinhala personal pronouns
  2. And if you haven’t, then you’ll read it and only then come back to this post


Now folks, we’re going to keep it very simple… (even more than usual).

What I’m going to do is just take ONE of those personal pronouns (ma∙mȧ) and show you how to say “To me”, “For me”, and “From me” in Sinhala.

Sounds good? Cool, let’s start.

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