1500 Lazy But Smart Sinhala

Words & Phrases

1500 words & phrases, audio pronunciation, Sinhala script, and other BONUSES

Is it any good?

Olivier Duboc

“With my career and my kids, I don’t have much time to learn a new language but Dilshan’s simplified method used in this package certainly made a huge difference in my learning progress. He gives the right amount of repetition at a fine pace before going to the next level. By the time I reached Chapter 5 I already built enough confidence to start interacting with people in Sinhala. I also listen to the MP3s while going to/from work. This is EXACTLY what I needed, I can’t imagine a better guide to learn Sinhala!”

Olivier Duboc Vienna, Austria. www.oduboc.com
Meg Amarasiriwardena

“I’m really excited for this product! I’ve also printed it out to easily take with me on our travels. Dilshan has done amazing work here. All of his charts, diagrams, funny images are a tremendous help to understand how the language is organized and it helps stick in my brain better too. It’s amazing. He’s amazing. Thanks Dilshan!”

Meg Amarasiriwardena San Francisco, California, USA
Dorothy Hartshorn

“I am happy to say that my ongoing Sinhala writing problem has now been solved by the purchase of Dilshan’s 1500 Words & Phrases Premium book…. Just what I wanted to make it all clearer for me. A MASTERPIECE by any standards!”

Dorothy Hartshorn Sheffield, England

(The testimonials above are from real customers who purchased the book. They did not receive free copies from me in exchange for a flattering review. ... Duh, obviously.)

What makes the 1500 Premium Edition different?

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Looks interesting, right?

But no no... Don't just take my word for it. Here's what 3 more Tribesters had to say:

Basil Jamil

“Dilshan’s book is well considered and well written. Rather than just presenting a pile of knowledge, he’s instead thought in advance of the problems a beginner like myself might be on the verge of having and he’s lead us through it with a caring hand. This brings me to a personal description:  He is infectious. And he obviously wants to be. Thanks again Dilshan for your unique approach.”

Basil Jamil Berlin, Germany
Ellen Kock

“I am very glad to have found this book! Learning Sinhala has been a challenge, especially with respect to pronunciation and length of words… However, the way Dilshan has broken down the words as well as his audio pronunciation guide has made things so much easier now! So, well done, Dilshan! You have definitely acquired another dedicated LBSS customer and fan.”

Ellen Kock Ratingen, Germany
Linda Vijge

“CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I must say I am very happy to have bought this book and I love Dilshan’s incredible way of teaching Sinhala in it. I’m very excited about it and he’s done a fantastic job as always. Thanks Dilshan for all the great work and effort you have put into this!!!!!”

Linda Vijge Netherlands

Aww... aren't they sweet?

So it's no surprise that this is currently my HIGHEST selling Sinhala learning package of all time!

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