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Valentine’s Day Messages In Sinhala (By Someone Who Doesn’t Know A Thing About Being Romantic)

lazy but smart sinhala valentines day

I’ve never been much of a “romantic”…

(The fact that I actually thought a picture of me with a plastic rose in my mouth and a fake backdrop of a fireplace would look “sexy” should prove my point)

At the same time, I’ve never been one to celebrate Valentine’s Day either. I always found it rather gimmicky…

… All the over-priced roses, chocolates, teddy-bears and hundreds of radio commercials that start with “Want to surprise your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day?” kind of got me fed up with the whole damn thing.

So then what the hell am I doing writing a Valentine’s Day post?…

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Happy Birthday To Me!!! Some Thoughts I Had On The Morning Of My 35th Birthday…

lazy but smart sinhala birthday-1


Yippee-dee doo daa!!! Your favorite Sinhala blogger turns 35 today! And I’ve been told that I don’t look a day over 50… :)

Let me tell you about a little “Birthday” tradition I started a few years ago. Who knows? Maybe you might start to do it too…

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Do We Use “Articles” In Sinhala? Is There An Equivalent To “The”, “A”, & “An”?

dilshan jayasinha

Most of you who’ve known me for a while know that I’m not a big fan of all these fancy “grammar” words…

And so I try my best to avoid them. I’m not just talking about weird sounding words like “Subjunctive” or “Gerund” but even simple things likes “Articles”.


Simply because most of the time, I need to look it up to know what on earth it means (See, told you I was not a “teacher”).

But sometimes, I can’t get around them and have to use them. This is one of those posts, so bear with me. But just know that although I’ll be saying “Articles” throughout the post, I’m simply referring to the words “The”, “A”, & “An”…

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Sneak Preview: New Sinhala Blog Post I’m Working On Right Now

lazy but smart sinhala - sneak preview sinhala blog post

(Click to enlarge)


Be patient my dear little LBSS Tribe. It’ll be released sometime next week.

Hint: It’s A grammar post on AN important part of THE Sinhala language… (giggle giggle).

In the meantime, let’s do something just for fun:

Leave a comment below and tell me what you’ve got planned for this weekend? Doesn’t matter if it’s as basic as relaxing with a book or as exciting as having a Nespresso with George Clooney in his Lake Como villa. Just resist the urge to over-exaggerate, will you?

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Do Any Of You Know These Adjectives In Sinhala? (Because I Sure As Hell Don’t!)

sinhala adjectives - lazy but smart sinhala-3

Yes, every time I get stuck, I do what any narcissistic blogger would do: I get my photo taken

Yeah, I know. It’s weird that I’m asking you a question on Sinhala but I’m royally stuck and I need your help…

(But note, I’m not looking for the ‘proper’ Sinhala word that you’ll only see in a high-brow Sinhala literature book. I only want good old fashioned ‘spoken Sinhala’ suggestions. Take your haughty taughty pretentious Sinhala vocabulary to some other blog… :))

  • boring
  • clumsy
  • exciting
  • passive
  • creepy
  • resourceful

If you know any of them, please click on “Comments” below and tell me. Thanks you guys!

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Sinhala Adjectives – Part 2… But (gulp) Is It Better Than The First One?!

Sinhala Adjectives P2 - lazy but smart sinhala-2

Photo Credits: Awesome Father
Shitty Photoshopping Of My Shirt Color To Orange: erm… that would be me…

In a world where most sequels suck greasy marshamallows compared to their originals (except for “The Godfather” and “Back To The Future”) I’ll admit, I did feel some pressure when doing Part 2 of Sinhala Adjectives…

But luckily, it didn’t last long since I’m one cocky dude who thinks no end of himself…

(You see my problem?! It’s saying dumb nonsense like this that puts all this unnecessary pressure on me in the first place)

Anyway, my dear folks… How are you? :)

I’m hoping that you’ve already read Part 1 of Sinhala Adjectives… But if you haven’t, no worries, I’ve done this in a way that you’ll still be able to follow it.

Too many new things to learn in this post for me to do my usual time-wasting monologue. So let’s get right into it.

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The Laziest Way To Learn Sinhala Adjectives (And My First Attempt At a “Combo” Post)

Sinhala Adjectives - lazy but smart sinhala-2

Photo Credits: Awesome Father
(Taken at 8.30 a.m. on a Sunday morning. Explains the sleepy eyes & the f***ed up smile)


So here it is. I’m about to show you why learning Sinhala adjectives is as easy as posing for a blog photo on an early Sunday morning…

You’ll also notice that I’ve tried a couple of new things:

  1. A “Combo” Post where I’ve combined 2 previous posts to introduce you to Sinhala Adjectives
  2. A new interactive tool to test what you learned – but this is only for you good kids who read the entire blog post until the end, ok?

(Sidenote: I just Googled “Combo post”  and didn’t find it being used anywhere, at least not in this context. So I own this word now!).

Ok, now let’s go tackle the big dark scary monster known as “Sinhala Adjectives” (no one calls it that, I just wanted to be over-dramatic)…

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A Quick “Shakeel Update”, As Requested By His Rapidly Growing ‘Fan’ Base

photo 1-283

The Man (I mean “Boy”) Of The Hour: Shakeel

If you’ve read my post “Parts Of The Body In Sinhala” then you no doubt remember my 12-year old nephew, Shakeel, who I shamelessly exploited to do the pronunciation of the words…

This afternoon I thought of dropping by his place to take him out to get some fresh ice teas.

And since there were many comments (and even more emails) asking about this guy, I decided to do this short fun post with an update of what he’s been up to, a transcript of a phone chat we had, and of course, photos of him that he’s gonna hate when he knows I posted them on my blog.

(This post has NOTHING to do with learning Sinhala. So take my advice and skip it if you’re right now more in the learning mood).

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4 Ridiculously Easy Steps To Tell The Time In Sinhala (And A First Look At Numbers!)

time in sinhala - lazy but smart sinhala

“Trying To Push Back Time”
Photo Credits: Awesome Father


“If only I could turn back time”…

Now that’s a line that gets thrown around a lot. Not just willy but also, umm… nilly.

But what does it really represent? Regret, right?

Ok, what if we got that opportunity to go back? Would we act any differently? I’d like to think “yes”, but then again, in the long-term, would we, mere creatures of old habits, revert to our usual ways and find ourselves in only a ‘slightly’ better situation today?

(As you can see, I do have a lot of time on my hands to sit in a café in Colombo with my laptop, gaze far away into the Indian ocean, and confuse the crap out of myself with my own thoughts)

Here’s what I’ve learned at the age of 34:

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Home Sweet Home: The Various Rooms & Parts Of A House In Sinhala

House in Sinhala -  Lazy But Smart Sinhala


“Home is where the heart is”… Isn’t that how the expression goes?

Those of you who know me and know all about my move back to Sri Lanka can easily guess that I certainly subscribe to this notion. But let’s not confuse “Home” with “House” (or even “Apartment” for that matter). Completely different things as far as I’m concerned…

You see, I’ve lived outside Sri Lanka for 13 years. And by golly, I loved it over there. I lived in an apartment, a pretty damn stylish one too, and yes, I made it my “home” as much as I could.

But at the same time there was something missing for me. There was something seductive about Sri Lanka that kept beckoning me, especially in the latter years. I conveniently brushed it aside by reminding myself, often under my breath, that “The grass is always greener…yada yada yada” …

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23 Parts Of The Body In Sinhala… And How I “Hired” A New Voice Talent For Free

Parts of The Body in Sinhala THUMBNAIL-2-1

Click To See The Sinhala Words

Let me give you a moment to get over the above image. I understand that it can be quite (ahem) disturbing…

And here’s the shocker that you’re not going to believe: None of the above 2 figures are actually me! Yep, not even the one on the right…

(I’ll give you another moment to get over this last bombshell)…

Now folks, some of you may have seen my highly coded teaser about what I was going to write about next. The smartest amongst you may have even guessed what it was.

Well, no more super secret ‘mystery’. It’s Parts of the Body in Sinhala. And you’ll soon see why this might be one of my favorite posts ever… Has something to do with a little munchkin who stopped by my office.

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