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4 Ridiculously Easy Steps To Tell The Time In Sinhala (And A First Look At Numbers!)

time in sinhala - lazy but smart sinhala

“Trying To Push Back Time”
Photo Credits: Awesome Father


“If only I could turn back time”…

Now that’s a line that gets thrown around a lot. Not just willy but also, umm… nilly.

But what does it really represent? Regret, right?

Ok, what if we got that opportunity to go back? Would we act any differently? I’d like to think “yes”, but then again, in the long-term, would we, mere creatures of old habits, revert to our usual ways and find ourselves in only a ‘slightly’ better situation today?

(As you can see, I do have a lot of time on my hands to sit in a café in Colombo with my laptop, gaze far away into the Indian ocean, and confuse the crap out of myself with my own thoughts)

Here’s what I’ve learned at the age of 34:

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A Quick “Shakeel Update”, As Requested By His Rapidly Growing ‘Fan’ Base

photo 1-283

The Man (I mean “Boy”) Of The Hour: Shakeel

If you’ve read my post “Parts Of The Body In Sinhala” then you no doubt remember my 12-year old nephew, Shakeel, who I shamelessly exploited to do the pronunciation of the words…

This afternoon I thought of dropping by his place to take him out to get some fresh ice teas.

And since there were many comments (and even more emails) asking about this guy, I decided to do this short fun post with an update of what he’s been up to, a transcript of a phone chat we had, and of course, photos of him that he’s gonna hate when he knows I posted them on my blog.

(This post has NOTHING to do with learning Sinhala. So take my advice and skip it if you’re right now more in the learning mood).

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Home Sweet Home: The Various Rooms & Parts Of A House In Sinhala

House in Sinhala -  Lazy But Smart Sinhala


“Home is where the heart is”… Isn’t that how the expression goes?

Those of you who know me and know all about my move back to Sri Lanka can easily guess that I certainly subscribe to this notion. But let’s not confuse “Home” with “House” (or even “Apartment” for that matter). Completely different things as far as I’m concerned…

You see, I’ve lived outside Sri Lanka for 13 years. And by golly, I loved it over there. I lived in an apartment, a pretty damn stylish one too, and yes, I made it my “home” as much as I could.

But at the same time there was something missing for me. There was something seductive about Sri Lanka that kept beckoning me, especially in the latter years. I conveniently brushed it aside by reminding myself, often under my breath, that “The grass is always greener…yada yada yada” …

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23 Parts Of The Body In Sinhala… And How I “Hired” A New Voice Talent For Free

Parts of The Body in Sinhala THUMBNAIL-2-1

Click To See The Sinhala Words

Let me give you a moment to get over the above image. I understand that it can be quite (ahem) disturbing…

And here’s the shocker that you’re not going to believe: None of the above 2 figures are actually me! Yep, not even the one on the right…

(I’ll give you another moment to get over this last bombshell)…

Now folks, some of you may have seen my highly coded teaser about what I was going to write about next. The smartest amongst you may have even guessed what it was.

Well, no more super secret ‘mystery’. It’s Parts of the Body in Sinhala. And you’ll soon see why this might be one of my favorite posts ever… Has something to do with a little munchkin who stopped by my office.

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Teaser: The “SUPER-SECRET” Blog Post I’m Working On Right Now…

teaser - next post - lazy but smart sinhala-1

Glimpse of the whiteboard in my office

Even with my embarrassingly bad drawing skills, I think it still doesn’t take a genius to figure out what the next blog post is going to be about, right?

Expected date of publication: Saturday, 14th June… After lunch… I never put up a post on an empty stomach.

Stay tuned, folks…

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The Weirdest Ways People Have Found My Sinhala Blog – A Happy Post From Dubai

lazy but smart sinhala dubai

Taken from my phone camera. Look at how well it came out!!!


It’s around 9.30 a.m. and I’m in the best of moods! I find myself on a short holiday in Dubai again. 2nd time in 6 months… And I feel happy and extremely fortunate!

I’m having a coffee by myself at the hotel lobby waiting for my ‘sleepy-head’ friend to wake up after the late night-out we had. I put away my crossword puzzle and decide to check my Keyword Searches on Google Analytics for fun.

(In case you’re unfamiliar… “Keywords” are basically what you type into Google when you’re looking for something on the internet.  For example, many of you found my blog by searching for “learn Sinhala”. The Analytics Tool gives website owners like me a full list of all the searched keywords that led visitors to our sites. Got it?)

Here’s the thing… I swear I didn’t expect to chuckle so much while going down the list! There was erm… much more than just “learn Sinhala”…

My friend is probably not going to show up anytime soon (a veritable ‘Diva’ who must have 10-hours of beauty sleep) and I’m “right” now in the “right” mood to “write” (how’s that for clever alliteration?!!). So I thought I’d take advantage of this time as well as this “happy” mood I seem to be in and share with you all a selection of my favorite & weirdest search words.

(Note: You won’t learn any Sinhala in this post. It’s just a fun post that I did for my own amusement. You might be wasting your time right now…).

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A Lazy But Smart Guide To Understanding Cricket (And Cricket-Related Sinhala Words)

dilshan jayasinha cricket lazy but smart sinhala

Photo Credits: Awesome Father

Look at that smile! That big fat giddy smile!

That’s the same moronic expression I’ve had on my chubby cheeks since Sri Lanka won the T20 Cricket World cup a month ago.

Yes, a full month has passed but still the occasional involuntary outbursts of “Go Lions!!!” tend to spurt out of me at the worst of times (Note to self: stay away from libraries and funerals for a while…).

Some of you were rather direct in asking me to write this post; others were more subtle… “I heard you guys won something, but sadly I don’t know much about the sport.. sigh (hint hint!)”.

So this is me introducing this wonderful sport of cricket (to some of you) and at the same time teaching some new Sinhala words (to all of you)…

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Your Lazy But Smart Guide To The Sinhalese & Tamil New Year

Sinhalese Tamil New Year - Lazy But Smart Sinhala

Photo Credits: Awesome Father


Some of you may already know this and some of you may not:

The 14th of April (this Monday) is the Sinhalese & Tamil New Year!

And after 13 years of missing out, this year I’ll be home in beautiful Sri Lanka to celebrate it!

But before anything, first a big “thank you” to Leticia, a subscriber who joined our little tribe recently, for her question that gave me the idea for this post.

Now, my objective for this post was two-fold:

  1. Summarize the most important “need-to-know” points of the Sinhala & Tamil New Year (and yes, I’m the one who decided what was important or not. That’s the kind of authority I have around here…); and
  2. Relate it to our main objective, which is learning Sinhala

And the following is what my brain and I came up with…

(And in case you were wondering, in the photo above, that’s the hand gesture we make when wishing someone. Also, I’m wearing the official national attire of Sri Lanka – It’s super-simple but still super-elegant, don’t you think? Makes even people like me look like decent human beings).

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Countries in Sinhala – Part (2/2): The GAZILLION* Country Phrases You Suggested!

countries in sinhala part 2

Photo Credits: Awesome Father

*Okay okay…It wasn’t really a gazillion but there were many many many suggestions from all of you. Thank you all!

Honestly folks, like I mentioned in Part 1 of this blog post, when I sent out that email, I didn’t expect such a response. And after seeing those numerous replies clogging up my inbox what immediately followed was a wave of panic accompanied with the words “Holy crap! Now I actually need to do the work!!”.

(For the sake of decency, let’s continue believing that I said “crap” and not something worse)

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Countries in Sinhala – Part (1/2): Where In The World Is Our LBSS Tribe From?

countries in sinhala4-1

Well well well… look who’s returned from the shadows…

Hello folks, I know it’s been quiet around the LBSS Blog but I’m back now.

Sorry for the radio-silence and I’ll spare you the boring details as to why it was so. I just had to take some much-needed personal “Me” time and therefore was unable to do anything fun with the blog. But just know that your favorite charismatic (and modest, obviously) Sinhala enthusiast is now happily back at his desk, more excited than usual, to share his odorless Sinhala brain-droppings with you all.

(I see that I’ve not lost my knack for writing meaningless gibberish, so that’s a good sign I guess…)

But before moving on to the topic of countries in Sinhala, I absolutely must thank you all for the numerous “Is everything ok, Dilshan?” emails that I received! So sweet of you but please know that EVERYTHING, including my health, is fine. Your genuine concern means a lot to me; much more than you think. Thank you so much!

Ok then, let’s stop talking about me (You know that I can go on for hours…) and get back to the main reason you’re reading this post: Countries in Sinhala.

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Parts Of The Face In Sinhala… And Realizing That I Can Never Look Elegant With My Tongue Out

Face in Sinhala Lazy But Smart Sinhala

Click image to see the Sinhala words

It may look like I’m having a seizure on this photo, but I assure you I’m not. Let me then explain why I look like a constipated Jim Carrey…

You see, when I sat down to write “Parts Of The Face In Sinhala”, I would’ve never guessed that the biggest difficulty would be finding a photo that shows all the main bits of the face (including the tongue, gums, teeth, etc.).

None of the stock photos were doing it for me so I had no choice but to turn to the one guy who (so far) has not let me down in times like this…


But as with most things that I jump into without thinking, I soon discovered that this wasn’t going to be that simple…

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