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Your Lazy But Smart Guide To The Sinhalese & Tamil New Year

Sinhalese Tamil New Year - Lazy But Smart Sinhala

Photo Credits: Awesome Father


Some of you may already know this and some of you may not:

The 14th of April (this Monday) is the Sinhalese & Tamil New Year!

And after 13 years of missing out, this year I’ll be home in beautiful Sri Lanka to celebrate it!

But before anything, first a big “thank you” to Leticia, a subscriber who joined our little tribe recently, for her question that gave me the idea for this post.

Now, my objective for this post was two-fold:

  1. Summarize the most important “need-to-know” points of the Sinhala & Tamil New Year (and yes, I’m the one who decided what was important or not. That’s the kind of authority I have around here…); and
  2. Relate it to our main objective, which is learning Sinhala

And the following is what my brain and I came up with…

(And in case you were wondering, in the photo above, that’s the hand gesture we make when wishing someone. Also, I’m wearing the official national attire of Sri Lanka – It’s super-simple but still super-elegant, don’t you think? Makes even people like me look like decent human beings).

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Countries in Sinhala – Part (2/2): The GAZILLION* Country Phrases You Suggested!

countries in sinhala part 2

Photo Credits: Awesome Father

*Okay okay…It wasn’t really a gazillion but there were many many many suggestions from all of you. Thank you all!

Honestly folks, like I mentioned in Part 1 of this blog post, when I sent out that email, I didn’t expect such a response. And after seeing those numerous replies clogging up my inbox what immediately followed was a wave of panic accompanied with the words “Holy crap! Now I actually need to do the work!!”.

(For the sake of decency, let’s continue believing that I said “crap” and not something worse)

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Countries in Sinhala – Part (1/2): Where In The World Is Our LBSS Tribe From?

countries in sinhala4-1

Well well well… look who’s returned from the shadows…

Hello folks, I know it’s been quiet around the LBSS Blog but I’m back now.

Sorry for the radio-silence and I’ll spare you the boring details as to why it was so. I just had to take some much-needed personal “Me” time and therefore was unable to do anything fun with the blog. But just know that your favorite charismatic (and modest, obviously) Sinhala enthusiast is now happily back at his desk, more excited than usual, to share his odorless Sinhala brain-droppings with you all.

(I see that I’ve not lost my knack for writing meaningless gibberish, so that’s a good sign I guess…)

But before moving on to the topic of countries in Sinhala, I absolutely must thank you all for the numerous “Is everything ok, Dilshan?” emails that I received! So sweet of you but please know that EVERYTHING, including my health, is fine. Your genuine concern means a lot to me; much more than you think. Thank you so much!

Ok then, let’s stop talking about me (You know that I can go on for hours…) and get back to the main reason you’re reading this post: Countries in Sinhala.

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Parts Of The Face In Sinhala… And Realizing That I Can Never Look Elegant With My Tongue Out

Face in Sinhala Lazy But Smart Sinhala

Click image to see the Sinhala words

It may look like I’m having a seizure on this photo, but I assure you I’m not. Let me then explain why I look like a constipated Jim Carrey…

You see, when I sat down to write “Parts Of The Face In Sinhala”, I would’ve never guessed that the biggest difficulty would be finding a photo that shows all the main bits of the face (including the tongue, gums, teeth, etc.).

None of the stock photos were doing it for me so I had no choice but to turn to the one guy who (so far) has not let me down in times like this…


But as with most things that I jump into without thinking, I soon discovered that this wasn’t going to be that simple…

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A Short New Year Message That Quickly Got Out Of Hand

christmas morning

The Grinch reading his emails on Christmas morning
Photo Credits: Awesome Father

Here’s the little New Year message that I emailed to my subscribers a couple of days ago.

For those who already saw it, thanks for all kind replies you’ve been sending me! Flattered that it had such an impact on you. I’ll respond to each of you very shortly.

(BTW, if this is your first time here and you’re impatient to learn some Sinhala, you might want to skip this particular post as there’s nothing about learning Sinhala in it).

Click on “Continue Reading” below to go to the letter.

Once again folks, Happy 2014!

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How Do You Say MERRY CHRISTMAS in Sinhala?… Oh And, HAPPY NEW YEAR Too?!

christmas in sinhala


“’Twas a few nights before Christmas, and the only sound in the house,
Was of Dilshan typing on his keyboard, and left-clicking the mouse.
He was writing his readers a Christmas post, ’twas now ready to be seen,
So he posted it as he smiled & said “What a cool tribe they’ve been.”


Apologies to Mr. Clement Clarke Moore for taking his beautiful poem and contaminating it with my words but I couldn’t help it. I’m feeling happy, poetic, and grateful these days.

In short, I’m feeling very “Christmassy”…

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62 Vegetables in Sinhala… And Why I Should Be Eating More Of Them (Hint: I’ve become a Fatty)

vegetables in sinhala

Promises, I keep them. I really do.

Perhaps I don’t deliver on them as soon as one might like, but I don’t forget about them. I really don’t.

A few weeks ago I gave you a choice between 2 blog post topics and the majority of you voted for “Members of the family”. But to those who voted for “Vegetables”, I made a promise that I will do that one next and that their vote didn’t go waste.

Well folks, answer the doorbell, say hello to the guy holding a package, and sign your name right here because that promise has just been delivered to you!

But before we get into that, let’s do my usual “ramblings of a mad man”, shall we?

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Members of the Family in Sinhala

Members of the Family in Sinhala Thumbnail

Click to Enlarge in New Window

You probably know from the recent announcement I made that “Family in Sinhala” ended up being what the majority of you wanted me to write about next.

But then… did I shoot myself in the foot by building all this pressure?

I could’ve just written what I wanted to and everyone would’ve been fine with it. But noooo… Not only did I ask you what I should write about, I even asked what you wanted to see in it.

Now expectations were running high.

But you know something weird? I kind of enjoyed the pressure I had created for myself! I felt like.. like Thomas Crown (the Pierce Brosnan version of course) in that last scene when he told the police precisely when he’ll put the stolen painting back right under their noses.

(Yeah that’s right. Sadly, I just compared myself to Thomas Crown. As Dalí once supposedly said “Modesty is not exactly my specialty”).

So, let’s see what I came up with. Will it be a resounding success or an utter failure? And if the latter happens, well… (to borrow the lyrics from the theme song of that same movie) “Oh Jayasinha-man, where you gonna run to?”…

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The LBSS Tribe has spoken. And the WINNER is…

9134141_s-1Thanks to everyone who replied to the question I asked in my last email:

“Which of the following do you want me to write about next?”

  • The Sinhala words for Members of the Family? or
  • Vegetables in Sinhala?

BTW, I could’ve sent you a follow up email with these results, but I try to avoid sending multiple emails in a week to my mailing list (unless it’s necessary) so I decided to do this in a post. Hope you get to see it.

Well, it was a close one, folks, but the winner finally ended up being…

(Drum roll please… and DJ, play that funky tabla beat too!)

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39 Fruits in Sinhala… And I Bet You’ve NEVER Even Heard Of Some Of Them

fruits in sinhalaYeah yeah, I know it’s a bold title but the question is, “Do you accept my challenge, you Fruit Connoisseur?”

Excellent! (rubs palms gleefully).

Let’s see if you can prove me wrong by the end of this post (I’m feeling very cocky, in case you hadn’t noticed already).

By the way, I got the idea for this “Fruits in Sinhala” post thanks to 2 readers of this blog, Letran and Shaggy. So if you end up liking this post and finding it useful, don’t thank me, thank them. Similarly, if you end up hating this post, well… you know who to hunt down…

Now, here’s what I’ve decided to give you:

  • A list of 20 “COMMON” fruits in Sinhala;
  • A list of 19 “EXOTIC” fruits in Sinhala;

…and you know me, I can’t leave well enough alone, right? So, I’ve also thrown in a Bonus Section at the end, which I’ve aptly called “For the Overachiever in You”

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11 Colors in Sinhala (and how I discovered that my inner-voice is a condescending A-hole)

colors in sinhalaThis post came about thanks to Luminita, one of my readers, who asked me in an email for the names of the basic colors in Sinhala.

After writing my answer to her and hitting ‘send’, out of nowhere came my inner-voice all excited saying, “Hey buddy, you know you could easily ‘Copy & Paste’ this onto the blog, play around with the formatting, and BOOM, you’ve got yourself a new blog post, right?!”.

He was absolutely right! It’s an easy-peasy and very lazy way to create some new content. I might even have time to crash on the couch and binge-watch some TV afterwards. Thanks Inner-Voice!

Or at least that’s what I thought at the time…

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